Monday, December 1, 2014

reading the dictionary

So, Hailey and I were reading the dictionary during first period Writer's Craft on Friday. And the rest of the class was like, what are you doing why are you such nerds.

(by the way, Hailey is like my public-schooled twin. She did "church school" growing up, which is basically homeschooling except in a church. Which is very cool. She loves all things British, reads as voraciously as I do, and knows what sword drills are. We have fun times complain about how tired we are, because realistically it is only 8:10am and no one can have fun times that early in the morning.)

 Anyways, friends, staying on track. Every time one of us found a pretty word, or a weird word, or a word that didn't mean what we thought it meant, we'd poke one another and be like, "hey! Listen to this one!" And some of them were so gorgeous that it blew my mind. Look at gossamer. Read that definition again. (shame on you if you skimmed it the first time!

Just kidding. I always skim the first time.)

I've decided that maybe small spiders who spin fine filmy pieces of cobweb maybe aren't so bad, after all. Also, the word "rhapsodize" basically describes my entire life - and this blog?? - perfectly. I found it and stuck my finger in the page and announced my finding to the world (the class) and then everyone all over again when I got home, and it still thrills me. Rhapsodize.

Aren't words cool?? Which ones do you love?



  1. Such a homeschooler ♥ - Brooke

  2. Rhapsodize! Gahh. Lovin it! Gossamer, too's such a mysterious, satiny word...
    and you guys are one of the biggest reasons why homeschoolers are just plain awesome. Just saying.

    1. That's exactly what I thought!! Satiny. :p and heyyyy thanks!! but public-schoolers are cool too. ;)

  3. I want to go to school with you and Hailey and read the dictionary and rhapsodize! :'(

    (Also, did your friend do A.C.E church school? I actually use that curriculum. #homeschooltalk)

    1. I want you to come to school with me, period. :p We would have so much fun and everyone would be like, woaahhhhh that is too much homeschool in the English hall (because that's where my locker is. perfect, amirite???)

      (I actually have no idea but I don't *think* so?)


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