Sunday, December 7, 2014

things that make me happy // 303-318

303. only eighteen days until Christmas!
304. re-reading old favourite books 
305. getting report cards written for my swimming students
306. booking my train tickets to go see Kenzie!
307. sassy journal entries from November
308. mint chocolate tea
309. the original Anne of Green Gables movies. watched them until 2am with Hannah - I cried. (Hannah my sister, not the blogger. jsyk)
310. cranberry-coloured nail polish
311. knitted scarves
312. setting the Christmas tree up
313. drinking egg nog
314. getting stuff done! (including Christmas shopping! I'm finished already!)
315. children's books (here and here)
316. going window shopping at the mall near school with friends during our spare period
317. knowing that the semester is allllmooooost over. getting there, at least
318. Christmas music (here, here, and here)

What makes you happy this December?



  1. I love this SO much! I might just steal your idea. ;) Also...Sassy journal entries are SO hilarious to look back on.

    1. Girl you are welcome to it!!! :) The more the merrier - and I originally "borrowed" it from someone else, so there you go. Haha. :P

  2. ChristmasChristmasChristmas.

    Also, it's so sad that you weren't watching Anne of Green Gables with me. I really thought you were at first. :(

    Watership Down has been sitting on my bookshelf, unread, for a year and a half. Obviously that needs to change.

    1. READ WATERSHIP DOWN NOW. Immediately. Post-haste. Please. I'm re-reading it and am in love. <3

      And I know. Anne of Green Gables needs to happen. When I come to Ireland. #kiddingnotkidding

  3. All of these things sound wonderful. Wrapping presents makes me happy, and getting books from the library and decorating the Christmas tree and taking bokeh Christmas tree light pictures. And counseling. Counseling is good. :) And nonfiction books! I'm finding out they can be fun to read outside of school! And giving Christmas presents. I like giving just the right gift to just the right person.

    1. Those sounds pretty perfect to me, too. <3 Especially gift-giving...I am so excited to give mine this year! I think I got some good ones. :D

  4. oh, i love these so much! i definitely agree with knitted scarves and setting up the tree! LOVE THEM. i like taking walks at night to see the lights and decorations. there's a street in my city that's famous for their amazing decorations, so i like to go look at them every year!
    lovely blog and lovely post :) xx

    1. Thanks Julia!! Walking at night during this season is one of my favourite things to do, too...and we have that one street that goes ALL OUT, we like to drive by after the Christmas eve service at church. :)

  5. random realizations: I have the exact same journal for my composition class, except in red/pink (the color is debatable, I think it's pink, but everyone else seems to think it's red). And Watership Down is one of my most favorite books, and this post reminded me that I should re-read it.

    That is all :)


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