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These Broken Feels // book review by Hannah

 Okay, friends, here's how it goes. I'm sure you remember the last review that Hannah and I did on the Great Gatsby.... I am thrilled to say that we've done another book swap/review!! This time we changed up the genre, added a few gifs for happiness....we hope you like it!

After you've read Hannah's review below, pop over to her blog, The Daisy Tree, to read what I thought of it! (and when you're done, just stay a while and scroll through her old posts because it will make your life better.) ☺

First of all, before I saw anything about this book, can we all just take a moment to consider how stunning this book's cover is? WOWZERS. Not only is the cover stunning, but the book itself is pretty fabulous, too. Let's talk about it.

I've never read a book quite like this before. It's like the Titanic story, but set in the future, and takes place in space, and involves survival and action and dead people's shoes. It's like the book I've always wanted to read! I think we can agree that it's the perfect set-up for a love story.

This book has two authors - and I was worried that that might make the writing disjointed. Wrong. The others worked perfectly together, it seems. The writing is lyrical and oh-so-pretty.

Honestly, they totally annoyed me at first. But I grew to like them a lot, although they still had their annoying moments. But I grew to genuinely care about what happened to them. Also, they amused me. Snarky little people. And, I totally ship them. (lol...ship. brilliant pun)

I was legit freaked out at times. In a good way. I had no idea what was going to happen next, and there was  just so many feels involved. It was thrilling, I tell you.

It's not perfect, some things annoyed me, and it's not an all-time favorite. But I thoroughly enjoyed this emotional roller-coaster of a book, and I'm definitely glad I read it.

Q&A Time!

- What would you rate this book out of 5? 
I'd give it a four stars. Maybe that's slightly generous...but seriously, the cover alone deserves a star. (star!? another pun!!)

- What is one thing you would change about it? 
Some aspects of the romance totally bugged me! And unfortunately this book isn't exactly PG in the romance department. It might not bother some readers, but the lovey-dovey-ness was too much for me!

- Are you interested continuing the series/reading more books from the author(s)? 
 I'd definitely be interested in reading the second one some time.

-Who did you like better? Lilac or Tarver? (or why you loved them both equally and forever)
Definitely Lilac, for me. She was spunky and intelligent and sarcastic.Tarver was a heartthrob though.

 -Favorite line or quote? 
  This one gave me all the feels:
“It’s my landmark, now. I’ll always know how far I am from this spot. From her.”

-Without spoiling, were you satisfied with the ending of the book?
Yes, I am.  

-Do purple flowers and green dresses give you feelz now?

- Do you think this book would make a good movie?
Yes! It would be a visually gorgeous film! Unknown planets! Fancy space ships! Cute soldiers!

^ That was my reading experience

I recommend it, but do be aware (especially younger readers) that some parts were a bit dodgy. If you've read this book, what do YOU think? Do you love the cover? Do you want to marry a boy named Tarver now? Let me know, folks.

Hannah is a seventeen-year-old girl from Ireland. She has a family that consists of six people and two cats. She really, really likes to read books, and she really, really likes to talk about them. She also enjoys photography, blogging, baking, and fangirling over BBC shows. She has a lot of fun talking about herself in third-person, and she wishes she could do it more often. 


  1. Great post! The book sounds interesting, I just might check it out!

    Love the gifs. :)

    1. Thank you, Hannah! You definitely should check it out.

      (great name, by the way!!)

  2. O my gosh!, yes, the cover! I really want to read this now. Actually, I think it's half the cover, and half the story idea. Yeah, I know I'm a bit shallow sometimes... XD

    1. Haha, not shallow at all, girl! Judging a book by it's cover isn't such a bad thing sometimes :D

  3. Gosh now I HAVE to read reading your girls' reviews! So helpful. :)

    1. Thanks Abbey!! I'm so glad you like them!!!


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