Wednesday, October 1, 2014

taylor swift and being thirteen

if you put taylor swift on the radio, it makes me think of being thirteen.

the future spread out in front of us, and we thought we owned it, falling in love with our own dreams like children falling off a bicycle. It hurt, sometimes a lot, but we'd examine our scraped palms and find our dreams mixed with gravel, but unharmed. We'd dry our eyes and keep moving, always forward.

Remember what it felt like when you caught his eye across the room, and this was almost a proposal; you wrote your two names together and started planning the wedding. We took ourselves so seriously; thought that everything was either the beginning or end of a story, and never imagined that someday all of these  years would mush together into chapters somewhere in the middle. Our 13-going-on-30 selves were clips, not climaxes, mere details instead of denouements. Who knew?

 I don't know if it's this way for everyone, but I mark the passage of that time by how old I felt then, and how young I still am now, and the opening bars from a country song called



click here to listen


  1. Olivia, I hope that you're not sick of me saying "This was beautiful" on almost all of your posts. I mean it every time! Your posts are poetic but honest and real. So, that being said...this was beautiful. Really.

    I don't think about 13-year-old me very much, because most of the memories make me cringe :D I was so silly! But that was still me, and it's so fascinating to look back and see how much I've changed. Taylor Swift songs bring back lots of memories for me, too.

    Thanks for bringing on a bout of nostalgia :)

    1. (Honestly I'm trying not to tear up now)

    2. your comments *make my day* guaranteed, every time. :) Seriously.

      And oh my word, I was silly too. I was so silly it makes me blush sometimes, but I've handily tucked those embarrassing memories away and I can pull out the warm taylor swift ones without my self-esteem suffering too much, haha! I was thinking about this a few nights ago (when I was supposed to be sleeping, oops. paid for that at school the next morning, but whatever) and this just poured out all over the notepad I keep by my bed. I'm glad you connect with it too!

      (please don't cry!!)

  2. This was so beautiful and nostalgic! No words, just wow!


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