Thursday, September 25, 2014

refrigerator poetry

Tiana and I spent the night at Brooke's condo,
because she's an adult and lives on her own now,
what even. 
and we made pad thai
and banana chocolate chip muffins
and watched Doctor Who
which was good
but it was also midnight so I 
fell asleep.

this morning
she made breakfast
and I played with the words on the fridge
sliding phrases in and out of place underneath
the magnetic periodic table of elements
and I was so




  1. I know, right? Isn't it weird when you realize you and your friends are or almost are adults now? I'm getting there with my friends and I'm trying to get over the O.o but it hasn't happened yet. And that sounds like a great time spent together. :)

    1. SO LEGIT THO. I was driving with one of my friends to Starbucks and we basically had this whole conversation about how life has moved on without us realizing it...our whole homeschool group is made up with "little kids" not because the new highschoolers are small, but because we're too old for it now. All the people we grew up with and looked up to have moved on and have families of their own, felt so empty there with all the familiar faces gone.

      Excuse the rant, fairly sure I'm going to have to do a post on this at some point. :p

  2. DOCTOR WHO AND chocolate chip muffins! YOU'RE MINE girl! :)))
    would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    1. lol!! we should probably definitely be friends!! important question: do you watch Sherlock??

      and sure I'd love to follow you!! :)

  3. So, this is one of my favorite posts on this whole blog. It's so simple and pretty and happy-making.

    1. awww, thanks Hannah! knowing that made me smile today. :)

      (also, totes love your use of "happy-making." that phrase is my favourite.)

  4. girl girl girl!!! You have a new blog design, ahhhh! I'm in love with it! :D Let it be said that your writing style is perfect and so so classy. Those magnetic word things are such loads of fun, I love the poetry vibe to the one in that picture

    1. Katieeee!! yes I do have a new blog design, thanks for noticing!! I'm so in love with it. :p and aren't magnetic poetry sets fun??? I've decided I need, like, six of them for when I have a fridge of my own.;)

  5. I read this post three times, and it made me smile every time. :) The chocolate chip muffins sound great!

    1. thanks Jubilee!! that means a lot to me! :) (

      (and yes, the muffins were and I had two of them and then there was popcorn and I had to make hard life choices, ie to eat or not to eat. that was the question.)


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