Friday, June 20, 2014


My music teacher thought it would be a fabulous idea not to have a history unit this semester, but assign us a history exam anyway.  (although, to be fair, it was only worth 3%. what even is public school, anyway??) So that's what I was doing last night, sitting outside in the warm almost-summer air.
And then I got distracted, because I'm an overachiever and have read each packet numerous times already, and drifted away from my notes to take some pictures with my phone instead. It was a fun time. 
I have three more exams to study for and hopefully pass (my math one is on Wednesday and is worth a whopping 21%, so I'm legitimately a little frightened) but then the summer is spread out wide in front of me, full of work but hopefully with enough space to squeeze in some fun, too.



  1. I feel ya. I hope that you'll have a great summer! You said you would be you have a summer job? That's pretty exciting!

    Also - I like it a lot that you're drinking from a mason jar. #hipster

  2. Yeesss I did get a job as a lifeguard!! :) I'm really happy about it. :3 summer is looking pretty sweet and definitely alluring, mmm...

  3. You have to do school this late into June? I'm sorry. But I hope all your exams go well!

    1. lol I know!! public schooled problems, ugh. ;)


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