Monday, June 23, 2014

a road trip adventure

Can I just say that if we ever decide to go on a road trip together, I will most assuredly help you pick the music but will be absolutely worthless if you want me to navigate. Just ask Brooke.
I named her GPS Gertrude, and then between the two of us (the iPhone and me, that is,) I managed to miss not one but two of our turns. Please don't ask me how. I have a gift. 

I also have a lot of fun, but that's probably because I wasn't driving. Anyway. It was An Adventure, even though it took us almost an hour and a half to get to a market that wasn't even open (although to be fair, that was Brooke's fault), and then another forty-five minutes to trek back over to the cottage (Gertrude and I missed a crucial turn and landed us in a mini-traffic jam, woo-hoo!)

But it was worth it. The lake (pond?) spread out only feet from the back deck, soft and still and shimmering like a perfect piece of glass, so inviting. Brooke and I shrugged away hours of travel and slipped gingerly into the water, draped ourselves over pool chairs and just talked for...I don't actually know how long. It was so utterly still and silent, and as we slipped gently away with the water I just relaxed...
I don't know if it's a cottage thing, or what... but it's different there. The world feels so far away, and every day is a week long.

It's wonderful.



  1. I have that exact same navigating problem...

    1. Thank goodness!! I'm not the only one!!


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