Thursday, July 3, 2014

things that make me happy // 219 -236

June spread its wings
tentatively, and fluttered
and then it was July,
as though someone had 
flipped abruptly to the next chapter,
instead of reading page by page.


219. rainbows on the walls
220. email fangirling moments 
221. birthdays
222. doing pool chemical tests successfully and feeling totally important and wonderful
223. planning to go visit Kenzie again!
 224. when you kick a soccer ball right on the sweet spot and it just sails over everyone's heads...
225. not having to conform to public schooled schedules anymore
226. report cards (I'm weird, right?)
227. running into people I know at the mall bus stop
228. almost literally running into complete strangers while walking down the sidewalk
230. car trips and adventures
231. cool breezes when I'm stuck all afternoon guarding the wading pool
232. cute kids who can't stop smiling
233. having free time just to read if I want to, with no "I should study" nagging in the back of my mind
234. texting late at night with old friends, sending ridiculous selfies because you don't care how weird you look
235. writing birthday cards

what makes you happy? tell me all about it.


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  1. I like these posts a lot.

    What makes me happy? Lasagna.


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