Thursday, November 7, 2013

fall retreat


The retreat was two weeks ago.
I don't even have an excuse. I just...nope. I kept thinking about doing a blog post, and then putting it off. And off. And then feeling guilty and putting it off more. When on earth did blogging become something to guilt myself over? I don't like it.
A List, Because I Feel The Need To Sum Up the Weekend And I Don't Want to Write A Novel
+biting wind
+flashlights after dark
+playing go fish, the whole small group crammed into one top bunk, rotating every few minutes so our legs wouldn't cramp
+piggybacking to worship sessions because we didn't want to put shoes on
+the ridiculously long time it took to get into the girls washroom at 1am when they finally let us go to bed
+nerf gun wars in the forest
+Brooke with a camera permanently slung around her neck
+chocolate which I thought was leftover from Halloween until I realized that it was only the 27th and Halloween hadn't happened yet
+rubber boots!
+praying as a small group, arms slung across shoulders
+just singing, all the time
+mushy walnuts and prickly pinecones constantly underfoot - dangerous in the dark!
+the enthusiastic 9th graders
Going from public school to this...I mean, I love school. But...after a while, it gets so tiring! Being surrounded by people who have completely different priorities and personal boundaries and opinions...and then to go and just spend a weekend away, with people who understood and accepted without giving me The Look (you're a Christian? you don't drink? you're saving your first kiss for marriage? WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY??) it was just good. I forgot how good. ☺



  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. And I love the pictures you took! How did you do those first two? I like the last one as well, the composition and the colors and the fact I just like woods.

    1. I actually forgot to mention this in my post, but Brooke took all of these pictures! (SORRY BROOKE!) Thanks for your comment, Danielle!

  2. (Totally fine Olivia!) Danielle, I just used a super long shutter speed in a pitch dark area and an LED flashlight. Very much like how sparklers work-- it's called light painting. Google it and try it out! I suggest using the Tv setting on your camera and set the shutter speed as slow as you can. (Tripods are super, super helpful!!)Practice makes perfect!

  3. Thank you. :) I've got to try that.


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