Thursday, October 24, 2013

currently I've been...

...feeling really interested in slam poetry (also, here and here)

...spending more and more time at the elementary school where I do my co-op (I'm behind by about 20hrs, so I've been spending a lot more time there on the days when I don't have band. I love those kids.)

...still working on Mackenzie's birthday present (I'm writing her a fanfiction short story for her birthday. Or I was. Now it's kind of maybe a novel and I'm almost two months late, so Christmas maybe?)

...making Christmas plans already!

...playing board games (especially Clue)

...drinking tons of tea and a hot chocolate or two as well

...scuffling through the crunchy leaves on the ground

...freezing to death at the bus stop in the morning (maybe it's time to drag out the winter coat? Maybe?)

...considering quotes (also, you should read this blog post)

...preparing for a retreat with my youth group this weekend! I'm not bringing my camera (or my phone) but I'll try to post about it anyway.

What's been going on in your lives lately?


  1. Its really cold here too, people are saying it might snow tomorrow and I am not ready for that yet! :) I'm totally with you on the Christmas thing, I've started working on some Christmas pieces for piano and its getting me in the festive mood. Have fun on your retreat, that's always one of the highlights of my year.

    1. Snow tomorrow? Even in Canada it's not THAT cold yet. ;) Although one of my besties claims she saw flakes in the air yesterday, so maybe...

  2. Slam poetry seems pretty cool. I make Christmas plans really early too. :) I haven't played board games in forever,

    Yes! I've gotten into tea too (with a little hot cocoa sometimes as well) I didn't walk in the leaves enough. I'm always cold at the bus stop.

    I collect quotes.


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