Friday, October 18, 2013


I wonder if leaves feel the seasons changing in their veins? If the cold spreads like white fire down every branch, tingling as the colours morph?

I wonder...if evergreen trees feel slightly envious amid their deciduous cousins, dark green against gold and crimson and bright pumpkin orange? Or if they're completely satisfied, because in the middle of December, they're the only warm ones?

I wonder if trees ever shiver when the night wind twines between their empty arms? If they pine after their colourful glory as it lies browning on the ground?

October is slipping through my fingers, the days whipping by faster than I can blink. It's Friday already....the third Friday of the month. How on earth did that happen?

Half of the trees on my street are still green (actually, it's more of a sickly yellow,) but the rest are brilliant colours, with plenty of crunchable leaves scattered across the ground. I walked home from school today and collected a few - autumn walks are the best (aside from after-dark December walks with snow and bright Christmas lights. You just can't compete with that.)

See, I'm already talking about Christmas. (Breathe, Olivia! You still have almost 2 months!) Anybody else feel like time is galloping by?


  1. Wow, such an interesting perspective on fall. You really have a way with words Olivia :) I agree that this year seems to be speeding by, I feel like I was just in Canada and that was almost 4 months ago!

    1. Thanks Morgan! :) I really enjoy writing and English-related pastimes. I'm off to do some writing now, actually!

      (did you enjoy Canada?)

  2. Time is DEFINITELY galloping by for me! I love your perspective on the leaves :)) This season is my favorite, and I am so happy to live in a place where the leaves change. It always makes me think, though, how crazy it is that the leaves are literally dying...and it's the most beautiful and glorious death in nature.

    1. Hm, I'd never thought of it like that! Of course, they're dying...but it's so lovely you kind of forget about that part.


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