Thursday, November 21, 2013

an update! because updates are good!

this will be my first post alllll monnnnnth that is not at least partially in list format. What can I say? Lists are great.

So-o, I thought it would be a great idea to catch up on my blog-reading before I came here to know, to get inspired. Yeah. Wonderful idea that sucked away almost an hour of my time. (or was it more? I was too busy reading and gaping at the beautiful pictures -guilty look- to notice the time. whoops.) But anyways. Not doing that again.

I's sad how little I've been posting, how little I have to post about! I won't even make excuses and talk about school, because I think I did that like three times already. We're moving on. I've sort of decided to loosely schedule my posts, because my lack of regular posting was starting to feel a lot like "maybe it's time to let this blog go..." Being someone who hates change, I freaked out and came up with a plan. In schedule format.

We're going to say it's, uh...unique or something and leave it at that. And not focus on the fact that I make schedules and lists and organized things even in my spare time.

SO LONG STORY SHORT I'm going to try to post every Sunday...and at least one weekday. And I promise my posts will be somewhat exciting and engaging and not just

"so I went to school and there were people and it was cool. yeah. I ate a banana. There was sunshine. and...clouds."

And I'll try to get back in touch with my camera, too. Maybe. Because it's been feeling sadly abandoned lately.

um. the end. I'll see you Sunday? (please come back. I promise I'm not normally this boring.)

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