Sunday, November 24, 2013

and then, snow!

photo credit to either mom or cody - Hannah took the first two

The storm started yesterday, while I was at work at the library, the snowflakes swirling and pounding down and then softly falling, like a spotted white curtain outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. By evening, all but the tips of the grass had been covered...

this morning, pounding feet and excited clamour over my head greeted me at 7:30am - one of my siblings had looked out the window and was marveling over the transformation as though they'd never seen snow before. ☺ Not that I'm complaining. There's something so special about the first snow...and honestly, it's so gorgeous. November/December is my most favourite time of year.

We put the Christmas music on yesterday and cut out paper snowflakes like we do every year after the first snow...

Let's take a moment to think about long walks in the snow, cold nipping at your cheeks...warm fires and hot chocolate and jingle bells and coloured lights...and snow swirling down outside.

I love this.


  1. It snowed here too! It feels all Christmas-y now. :D

    1. I know! :) *absolutely adores Christmastime and has been anticipating snow and carols and pretty lights for a very long time*

  2. Living in South California means that I don't even see snow one week a year consistently. Lucky you. :P
    Although we do get our own version of winter, which I very much enjoy.

    ...In other news, hallo again, Laffy! *Glomp* I'm terrible at keeping up with stuff. That includes reading blogs. I'll try to do better. But I'm (finally) writing my book this year (I think)! Alex misses Kae and Jaden. He's threatening me if I don't let him see them again. Now he's waving his blaster at me. ...Why did I give that back to him? You should come back to the forum for a visit every once in a while. It would be nice to see you around. :)


      *short pause*

      *resumes screaming* okay. hi. :) Yeesh, it's been a while! I'm glad you popped back around! I'm glad to hear you're finally going to write your's only been three years...:P Am I still allowed to critique it when you have a rough draft going?

    2. I'll try to be around more often. I have a very busy schedule and ADD, but I'll try to keep this tab open and near the front. And are you sure it's been three whole years? I was almost positive it had been four... Well, I'll accept three gladly. :P And YES, you most certainly are allowed to critique it! I'll tell you as soon as I have my rough draft.

      Also, Alex is sad. If you read the first reply here, you can see his reaction:

      He's begging me to let him off the forum, so I'm going to let him say hello.

      Alex: "Livvy! You're here! I miss you!"


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