Tuesday, September 17, 2013

so, I have a mantra.

So, with school, and people, and this new thing called homework that I'm supposed to have tons of but have only seen once or twice, I've been doing some thinking.

Weird, right?

And over the past few days, I've been noticing a little phrase that keeps cropping up. There's a lot going on right now (or, you know what? Actually not.)
There's one or two things in my life right now that I wish I had complete control over. I want to fix them and make them perfect because I have this beautiful idea in my head and I just...I just want it to be reality. So I've been repeating this little phrase to myself, and this afternoon as I was about to walk home from school, I realized just how often I've been saying it.

I'll be walking down the hall, thinking to myself that I have to remember to "give my head, hopes, and heart" to God.
Opening my locker (I randomly forgot my combination today....I kept spinning the dial in the wrong direction until I got completely muddled and it was actually kind of scary because the slip of paper that has my combination on it was locked inside.) but anyways..."head, hopes, heart."
Weaving through the hallways, my pulse quickening, me just wanting one thing and knowing that I'm going to get something else - "head, hopes, heart."

It's actually kind of cool...these situations, as frustrating as they are...I feel like they're kinda pointing me back to God. Like, every time I ram my face up against one of these problems, trying to make it conform to the way I want things, I feel like I sort of bounce off and turn around and there's this giant billboard going,


And so I have this mantra.

I use the words "so" and "and" way too much. the end.

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