Wednesday, March 6, 2013

something to ponder

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Just...something to ponder.

(I had more of a post written out but it was all rambling and me trying to figure out how much or how little fear of failure plays into my decisions and getting confused because I couldn't draw the line between fear of failure and healthy caution. Because yeah, I tend to be the cautious one. That kid who always wants to get permission and wear helmets and slow down before somebody gets hurt. Which is sometimes good, but sometimes too afraid of...something.
Afraid of what?

...see, I'm rambling again. I dunno. Maybe fear doesn't play into any of my decisions!

...maybe it plays into more than I think.


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  1. That quote in very thought-provoking. I think if I knew I couldn't fail - I'd so many things. For one thing, I'd start writing my story that I gave up after NaNo...hmmm.

    Thanks for sharing this, it really did make me think.

    1. I wish I could claim credit for coming up with the idea ~ I was actually browsing someone else's blog (link below, in case you want to check her out) and came across that quote. It kind of stopped me in my tracks and made me think, so I posted it on the off-chance that it might have the same effect on some of you guys, too. :) Mission accomplished! lol.

  2. made me think. my view when attempting something has always been "if i win i win; if i lose i lose" and i put in my best effort regardless (i am a bit of a perfectionist though). but who knows, maybe my attitude would be different if i knew one way or the other.
    fellow ACE student,


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