Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Things are kinda crazy for me right now, so blog posts might be a wee bit scarce. At some point I hope to type up a nice long post about my long weekend (it was simply glorious, by the way!!) but for now you'll have to contend with this.

The school year's coming to a close and I'm scrambling to hold everything together...a last History final and my workload will be one subject lighter. English is next to go (two of my favourite subjects...sigh) but unfortunately they're the only ones I'll be finished anytime soon.

That's life in highschool, though, right? At least I'm not working through the summer - I know some homeschooled people do that. They're completely awesome, by the way...but I don't know how they do it.

So. Hopefully I'll pop back online sometime this weekend -- if I make it through the next two school days, that is -- with something a little bit more exciting.


On a happier note, my first soccer game of the season is tomorrow. We were a bit concerned that we weren't going to have uniforms in time, but they came in yesterday. Unfortunately the uniforms that the company sent are for guys, so not only are they the wrong colour, but they don't exactly fit...

...I guess I should be glad they're not making us play in pinnies. 

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  1. Press on - you'll be fine! Don't forget to take time in your day to notice quotidian (great word!) grace gifts (they're there, in every moment). Breathe deep, relax, enjoy, and be thankful. As Ann Voskamp says, "life is not an emergency". Love the photo - peaceful. Looking forward to the next post.


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