Thursday, May 17, 2012

today was a happy day...


I mean, there's the whole schoolwork aspect, but I've spent all day on that. I don't really want to think about it anymore.

So instead we'll concentrate on one very specific moment. A very happy moment.

Most of my schoolwork had been finished for the day, the flyers had been delivered, my --new-- skirt had been washed and I was hanging it out to dry.

And it was sunny and the laundry on the line looked so clean and this weekend promised to be a good one and suddenly everything was so beautiful that I dashed back inside for my camera.

I guess those happy moment are made happier if the rest of your day hasn't gone so great. Because, looking back, today had every right to be labeled as a Very Bad Day...but that one moment out in the sun changed it around.

You know what?

Today was a happy day.

Also, I won't be posting over the long weekend. :) So I'll see you guys again around Tuesday-ish.

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