Friday, December 1, 2017

you can do this

Good morning friends!

Today's post is going to be a short one, since this week has been wildly crazy and I find myself with a to-do list a mile long ... and an essay to finish as the deadline comes closer and closer! (And while I'm not a procrastinator by nature ... I DEFINITELY should have started this one earlier!)

In the middle of the busyness this week, I've found myself discouraged often, and the words "I can't do this" have come out of my mouth more often than I'd like. I didn't realize how powerless that thought is, but as soon as I started thinking that I'd never be able to pull it all off, I just didn't have any energy left.

I am blessed beyond belief to have people in my life who are extremely quick to layer truth on top of that terrible little lie, and twice this week I've been flat-out told by people who love me that I am wrong - I am stronger than I give myself credit for - and I can do this. Just like the phrase "I can't" takes power away, hearing someone say "actually, you CAN" was like a boost from a rocketship.

So I wanted to a take a moment this morning, in the middle of a crazy week, to pass on this encouragement. Don't sabotage yourself with the lie that you can't. Do yourself a favour and surround yourself with people who will call out the truth in you even when you're unable to see it.

And if no one else tells you today? You CAN do this.

Has anyone else been living in this lie lately? Who keeps you on track with the truth?



  1. I have felt this way too! I think it's the end of the term that is stressing me out and altering my thoughts. I'm glad that you had people to lift you up when you thought you couldn't do something! You got this girly!

    1. End of term definitely makes these feelings rise up in me, too! Thanks for the encouragement, Vanessa! We can do this :)

  2. I love this! It is much needed. I definitely struggle with sabotaging myself with negative thinking and often don't feel capable, even when I am. You've got this! Thanks for this wonderful post. Happy December!! <3

    1. Happy December to you, too, Erin!! Here's to less sabotage and more celebration of our strength - or rather, God's strength in us! :)


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