Friday, October 6, 2017

things that make me happy // 612-630

In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving (which is this weekend!) my insta posts this week have been focusing on the theme of little things that make me happy ... and I thought this Friday was a perfect time to follow suit on the blog, too! So, without further ado...

612. getting lost for hours in bookstores
613. watching the way sun speckles the walls of my office, and then shivers when the wind blows tree branches outside
614. buying tea, esp if it's for other people
615. my little elephant teapot (his name is Freddie and he was my 20th birthday present)
616. plaid scarves (red ones are my favourite)
617. waking up to rain against my window after a week of sunny, hot weather (in October?? no thank you)
618. walking out of an exam room after handing my work in
619. turkey and pie and stuffing with my family (but especially pie)
620. red shoes and blue vests
621. that "ohmygosh I totally do that oh NO" moment when reading and identifying a little too much with a few of the characters
622. sleek black passports and packing lists
623. suitcases and deciding which pants to wear on an airplane 
624. learning new languages
625. heartbeats
626. baby smiles that show off their new teeth
627. writing poetry
628. wine glasses (obviously I like the wine that goes in them, too, but the glasses themselves are so very pretty) 
629. clear skies when you can see the stars
630. travel plans and airplane views and counting down the sleeps until I leave...

What makes you happy this month? Is anyone out there actually getting Fall weather, or are we all equally bereft? Also, I am going on an adventure THIS WEEK which means you should keep your eye on instagram (and next Friday's post!) for more info...


p.s. apparently "parenthesis" should have made this list ... when proofreading this post, I realized I used them FIVE times in quick succession. I have a problem.


  1. Aw Freddie sounds adorable! Love the photos, too! We're definitely not getting fall weather here yet, but the air has been a little less humid, so that's glorious. Can't wait til it gets a little crisper. :) <3

    1. Freddie IS adorable!! He featured on my instagram last week (which I think is on the sidebar of my blog) so you can sneak a peek at his white porcelain self if you're truly curious!! :) I'm holding out for that truly crisp weather, too ... I think it's coming!

  2. Yay for happy lists (and parenthesis are awesome too)! All the best on your wonderful adventure! And I'll be over to check out your Instagram page. :) xx

    1. Haha thank you, Jessica! (especially for validating my parenthesis problem!) xo have a lovely weekend!

  3. this is so lovely and happy and it truly made me smile:)

  4. OOh, passports and packing lists? Sounds exciting :) I hope your Canadian Thanksgiving was lovely! I'm having drastic Fall over here. I'm living in hats and sweaters that swallow me up, but I'm trying to postpone the scarves and gloves part. I need a little more time before I turn into a marshmallow.


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