Friday, September 29, 2017

5 ways to recharge a tired soul

Happy Friday, friends! As we slip deeper into Autumn (my most favourite of all the seasons!) and start to take on more assignments, it's easy to wake up feeling tired without really knowing why. These days I'm working hard at striking a balance between pushing through and knowing when to sit back and take a break ... here are 5 of the ways I like to help myself recharge without completely letting go of all my other responsibilities(!)

1. Take a night off
If your work or school schedule is super intense, this doesn't mean cutting back on your working hours ... there's no pressure to take every single evening to yourself if that's not reasonable for you. But what about taking one? Bump your social plans (or study plans, if you have the margin) to tomorrow, or the weekend, or next week, and plan to spend the night in. Even if you're an extrovert (like me!), having a little quiet time can be powerful ... plus, it opens up a little space for you to do what YOU want to do, not what you feel you should be doing or need to be doing for others. (For me, this could be cleaning the bathrooms, reading a novel, or working on my book! It all depends on what kind of week I've had).

2. Bake something
Sometimes when I'm tired, I just want to feel like I've accomplished something - baking (or cooking, if that's what you prefer) is a quick and easy way to satisfy this itch. Making something with your hands is intensely rewarding, and the payoff is almost instant ... you can have cookies sitting on the counter about half an hour after first reaching for the mixing bowl.

3. Go for a walk
This one is simple and easy to fit in anytime, anywhere! If I'm feeling worn out (or stressed out!) I sometimes walk across the church parking lot while I'm on my lunch break, or do a loop around campus if I'm at school. The fresh air will perk up your mood, and the exercise will help you feel more awake, too.

4. Allow yourself the luxury of a 20 minute nap
Set a timer, shut the blinds, and lie down for 15 or 20 minutes ... you don't have to fall asleep to reap the benefits of a little relax time! (If you don't have a private space to sleep in, the back seat of your car will work, too!)

5. Stop feeling guilty
There is nothing that will suck your energy away faster than guilt. Whether it's anxiety over a paper you think you should have spent more time on, the bedroom that you needed to tidy but didn't, or just a nagging feeling that you're not doing enough ... guilt will get you every time. Try to let go of feeling like you "should be" doing something else. Try to get rid of that ugly voice that says you're not doing "enough". I'm not great at it, either ... nor can I give you a 30-second quick fix to erase all guilt from your life. But I can encourage you to start trying! Remind yourself of what is true (example: it is OKAY to take a break and bake cookies from time to time) instead of living in the lie that says you always need to do MORE.

I hope these 5 suggestions offer you a little time for rest this fall! What are your favourite ways to carve out recharge time for yourself? Are you good at resting, or do you feel guilty when you stop for a break? Let's chat. :)


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P.P.S. photo from my trip to Montreal last spring ... credit to Madi for the gorgeous b&w 


  1. Going for a walk literally solves all problems. I have been walking lately as a way to relax and recharge, and there is just something so wonderful about it. With simultaneous music listening and prayer, a walk can go the next level! And I totally feel you about the guilt thing. I beat myself up about the SMALLEST things, it's horrible. Definitely a habit I need to fix! Happy almost October Olivia! :) <3

    1. LOVE the addition of prayer to a walk, or anything at all! <3 Music always helps, too. (I love that you can wish me almost-October and have it be true!! I think October is my favourite month!)

  2. These are all wonderful solutions to feeling better about things. I NEED to work on not feeling guilty. It's a difficult thing but you make your point!

    1. Thanks for reading, Vanessa!! I'm so glad you agree!

  3. Aw, I love these ideas. I read something on another blog earlier today that said "it's okay to take a break from the chaos, even when the chaos is good," which really stuck with me. Lately my favorite thing to do to relax is paint! Even though I'm zero good XD


    1. I love that quote, Hailey! The chaos so often IS good, but giving yourself the freedom to step back is such a great thing, too. Thanks a million for sharing that! I have a feeling I'm going to be chewing on it for a while...

  4. #5 is the hardest for me. I have all sorts of wars within myself. It's funny how you know what would make you feel better, but guilt keeps you from it. This is a great list!

    1. Same, Meaghan! The guilt thing will get me every time ... thanks for sharing your experiences! :)

  5. This is a great list! 2 and 3 are some of my favorite methods. :)

  6. These are such good suggestions, goodness. I've been so busy and drained lately, so I definitely want to try some of these. Goodness, why is #5 so hard??

  7. ALL OF THESE TIPS ARE GOLDENNNNN. <3 thank you for sharing them with us Olivia!! especially #5...oh boy I TOTALLY NEEDED THAT. :'''') *so many hugs*


    rock on,


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