Monday, September 19, 2016

in which I write a guest post about stuckness (and spaghetti)

Hey, all!!

I'm beyond thrilled to have the honour of guest-posting for Go Teen Writers today!!

GTW is a fantastic blog full of advice, life lessons, and a healthy dose of fun from three wonderful authors. I've been following them off and on for several years, and their content + fun contests are always excellent. Please pop over and take a look (!) and then feel free to stay for a while, because they're pretty great.

Incidentally, how do you get unstuck while writing? Does it ever involve spaghetti??



  1. I saw your post on GTW and I was literally so excited! I loved it :) It was really awesome.

  2. Hey there, I read your guest post on GTW and thought I would stop by your blog. I've been looking for some blogs by fellow writers to read. Yours is very lovely :) I like your poetry, especially the 'growing up' poem a few posts down. I can relate.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it, Sagebrush!! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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