Saturday, September 17, 2016


International Space Station silhouetted against the moon  I love this because it juxtaposes human made spacecraft against our nearest celestial neighbor:

I have beheld
the moon
on many an autumn night
a spotlight
and wondered
how many other faces
it has seen.
my man in the moon
watches with a
distant grace
a never-changing face
I know now as well as when
I was small
I have walked beneath
the moods
of my moon as it
waxes, golden, and soft
wanes, sharp harsh and thrilling
I have wondered what goes on
in the shadows even a
moon cannot touch
and how many stories
are not stories, after
and in my first week of
I climbed the stairs
to the observatory and pressed
my young eyes that have beheld
so little
to a telescope
hello, moon.
I did not know
that you had wrinkles
from thousands of years of
down on us.

so, I looked through a few telescopes and was surprisingly UNDERwhelmed, but now I can't stop thinking about it(?) and suddenly I feel very fond of our dear moon.
what are you suddenly appreciating lately? what have you beheld?



  1. THISSSSSSSSSSSSSS. <3 THIS POST MAKES MY SOUL SING AND THAT PICTURE MAKES MY EYES HURT BECAUSE IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I CANNOT EVEN. the universe and what lies beyond Earth is very near and dear to my heart. <33333 so yes. this post. no words. :'''')


    1. YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL. I have been thinking about the moon ever since I looked through the telescope... and I thought, come on, Olivia, there must be a poem in there somewhere!! And there was :p

  2. This is beautiful and wonderful and amazing and I really need to look up more adjectives to express how much I liked this!! I love the moon and sitting by the window when its light it reaching me.

    Again, this post.


    1. Elizabeth, your adjectives are perfect! I'm blown away :) I have never read by the light of the moon but now I must try!!

  3. This is lovely!

    "I did not know
    that you had wrinkles
    from thousands of years of
    down on us."

    ^ That line made me smile so big! Just love it. :) Interestingly enough, there was a full moon in the sky when I went out for a run this morning. (It was still quite early.) The moon is such a beaut.

    1. ERIN I love those lines too ♡♡ I love it when people quote the parts of a poem that I'm especially fond of. There's been a full moon here, too (I realize that sounds silly to say, since we're all looking st the same moon, but you know what I mean) and it's been so bright that I've been thinking about it more

  4. Oh, I Love this!! The moon is so comforting to me....This post just made me so happy. ♥♥

  5. I LOVE THIS. I love the words and that picture and everything ♥ It makes my heart happy.
    The moon is so fascinating. It's so amazing and peaceful like wow. Last night when I got home the moon was a full moon and the clouds were drifting past it and it was SO BEAUTIFUL.

    1. There's something ethereal about the moon... especially when it's buried in the clouds! It was like that the other night here, too, and because the moon was so bright you could see the clouds in detail... so pretty.

  6. Yes, wow! Your words are kind of comforting.. I've always thought of the moon as a friend, so I really like the thought that his wrinkles are made from smiling at us. xx

    1. Thank you for calling my words "comforting"!! That totally makes my day :) and I like thinking of his wrinkles that way, too. ♡

  7. This makes me wanna run outside and look at the moon, but I can't because it's daylight and now I'm sad and this is beautiful

  8. This poetry is my favorite. I love it. I love the way you write it out and thoughts you put forward. Also, you are so brave to put your writing out there for others to read!

  9. This is so perfect. I just want to stare at the moon for hours now. XD


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