Saturday, August 13, 2016

summer update

sun and
sweat down the back of my neck
wet guard shirts
puddles of chlorine on the floor
sunscreen like a cloud in the air
criss-crossed tan lines.

hanging out at church in the mornings
day camps and trips to the
driving around town in MY car
(I named her Kip)
Olympics at night, watching the water break over
swimmers' heads in slow,
slow motion.

living with friends,
milkshakes after dark and talking
for hours on the deck
crackers and cheese, sleeping between someone else's
someone else's dog barking at the front door
the sun rising in the wrong direction.

full, full hours
crashing into bed at night
eyes already closed
waking up too early
with the sun.

what has your summer looked like so far? I MISS YOU. let's chat.



  1. This is so lovely <3 My summer has been full of business and fun and laughter and adventures. :) I'VE MISSED YOU!!

    1. Thanks, Grace!! <3 I'VE MISSED YOU TOO. I'm glad you've been having a wonderful summer so far! It sounds awesome :)

  2. From these words I can feel your summer, Olivia. :-) Mine has been busy and dirty and happy. (And it's about to get better because TOMORROW I'M GOING TO SEE HUNTER HAYES.) I've missed you too!

    1. Busy and dirty and happy sounds glorious to me, Emma!! HAVE FUN AT HUNTER HAYES!!

  3. Hi, Olivia! I'm so glad you're back! My summer has been pretty tough in a lot of ways, and to be honest I'm looking forward to the beginning of autumn. But parts of it have been really good--I read a lot of books, had a good friend visit, and got a chance to relax. Plus, I went swimming and went to the movie theater to see Suicide Squad.

    1. I'm sorry your summer was tough... but glad you got lots of reading and relaxing done. :) How was Suicide Squad? Did you like it?

    2. Suicide Squad was lots of fun! Harley Quinn was more or less my only reason for going, and she was fantastic, so I was happy.

  4. I love this list <3 it's all so true. Congrats on getting a car!

    1. Thanks, Autumn!! I'm pretty excited about it too ^.^

  5. *snaps* This is poetry, chica. I love how I can feel everything about that first stanza, the chlorine puddles, the sunscreen. :) And Kip is the cutest name ever for a car. My car's name is Billie Jean, and she is stubborn as all get out, haha. It's great to hear from you! I hope your summer has been downright radical. It sounds like it's been a rush of fun (late night milkshakes can't be topped) and business. Mine, too! :D

    1. Errrrrrin!!! Kip was my grandma's idea, but I loved it ;) I'd been having trouble coming up with a good name (I needed one that started with K), and she just popped that out as a suggestion! I love the name Billie Jean for your car, she sounds like a ball of fun ;)

  6. A brilliant way of letting us know what you have been up to. My favorite is the milkshakes and late night talks. and the POOL!

    1. Those were my favourite things, too!! <3

  7. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN AND PACKED WITH SUMMER FEEEEEELS. <33333 omg yes yes. The smell of chlorine is beautiful, isn't it?? I miss being at the pool SO MUCH. but I did get to swim in our pool yesterday which was awesome. OMG THE OLYMPIC SWIMMING IS THE BEST GAH. (Also side note: is Katie Ledecky even HUMAN?? idk)

    Summer for me has been so busy but awesome. <3 Sticky hands and hot days and berries and fruit and a thunderstorm which was super cool. I've been reading more books and trying to stay present and not always be thinking about the next thing on the list. x) *hugs* I'VE MISSED YOU TOO BRO. I hope you're having a fabulous week!!


  8. THIS MAKES MY HEART ACHE. oh, oh how it aches for summer to come back and take my hand again. she ended bittersweetly for me on sunday when i came back home for the summer. i spent it in my best friend's backyard working for the camp her parents run. i saw her every day, dreams of the night still tangled in her blonde hair and the morning at the corners of her eyes. and when work was over, i'd come inside and there she'd be -- waiting for an old soul like me to finish the day off with. there were all the things you mentioned -- the Olympics and the staying up late and sleeping in beds that are not your own. oh baby. to go back to those old days. but God is good and I'm trusting him especially now when it hurts. xx loved this post. it was a joy to read.
    x cally

  9. I love this sosooososossososososososoosososososoos much like I know that is the opposite of eloquence but :''''''''''') this just gives me lots of feelings and dude this is similar to my summer and it makes me all nostalgic and happy and a lil tiny bit sad but goodgoodgood. ur an artists w words.


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