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5 reasons to visit Wales! // guest post

I feel like this is a common refrain, but I'M SORRY I've been gone so much!! I'm working two jobs this summer and more than full time hours... and trying to squeeze in time with friends, and reading, and finishing up my book, which is STILL NOT DONE (gulp) and having new book ideas (WHY) and oh my goodness who knew life could be so fun?? But blogging time = 0, so it's a good thing I have another lovely blogger willing to guest post for me!!

Today I've asked Susanna to share with us why everyone should visit Wales - this is a special topic for me, because although I've never been to the UK, my dad was born there. I enjoyed reading her post a lot, and I hope you do, too! Make sure you pop over to her blog and say hello here!

Without further ado... 

Hiyah! My name’s Susanna and yadayaya all about me yadaya. Sorry, I’m notoriously bad at introducing myself. For the past nine months I’ve been living in the United Kingdom to study history. Olivia asked me to share a lil bit about my experiences. So I’m thrilled this morning to present you with 5 surprising reasons why you should probably come visit me in Wales.

  1. Trails and Cliffs and Mountains, Oh My!

Wales is still finding its feet after losing a huge part of its economy during the close of the coal mines in the 1980s. Over the last few decades they’ve pushed tourism, in particular active tourism. So if you like outdoor sports, getting dirty, and exploring nature, Wales has a whole lot to offer. Wales boasts the world’s first uninterrupted route along a nation’s coast. The path passes 870 miles of beaches, cliffs, woodlands and hills. There are also village waterfronts, writers’ retreats, fun-parks and historic castles to stop and explore on the  way.

Or you can put on a hard hat and a wetsuit and experience the coast in the most thrilling way possible, by taking it on full stride with a coasteering experience:  

If that isn’t quite enough thrill for the adrenaline junkies amongst us, you could head to Snowdonia national park to enjoy the longest zip line in the Northern hemisphere and the fastest zip line in the entire world. Or go jumping at a trampoline park located underground in an old slate cavern.

2. An Amazing Story
The Welsh have maintained their own cultural identity and language for thousands of years despite having been invaded and occupied for the majority of that time. That did not come easy, they have had to fight to defend every inch of territory, resulting in Wales having more castles per a square mile than any other country on earth. Quite a  few of the 400 castles sprinkled across the country are open to the public for tours.

Not only that, but the epic impacts of the industrial revolution can be seen clearer here than almost any other spot in the world. From touring former coal mines to the world class Swansea Waterfront Museum, there are tons of ways to explore the History of Wales and the best part is that almost all of the  museums are completely free of charge.

3. The Stuff for the Bibliophiles

I love Welsh culture. Welsh traditions, accents, and particularly the language are unique and worth immersing yourself in. The Welsh language is authentically Celtic and yet not extinct. It is Elvish for real life. That is because writers like J.K. Rowling and Lloyd Alexander found a lot of the inspiration in the folklore of Wales. So you could say visiting Wales is like visiting Middle Earth or the land of Prydian : )

Also, for literature lovers, Wales is home to the beautiful village of Hay-On-Wye, a tiny town in which almost every business has been turned into a used book store. From the local castle to the firehouse, you’ll find books everywhere.


I wasn’t expecting good food when I came to Wales. I had heard so many nasty things about British food in general. However, I was surprised that Wales boasts amazing opportunities for foodies. Just a few traditional highlights: Welsh cakes are the perfect mix of a sugar cookie and a pancake, Cawl is not-to-be-missed lamb stew, Bara Brith is a fruity, spicy, quick bread that I could eat all day long.

5. The Stuff for the Whovians (and the rest of us)

Quite a few of BBC’s most popular television shows are filmed in Cardiff, Wales’ capital city. One of the neat things about attending university in Wales is that once in a while I’ll see my own campus refurnished as the mind palace of Sherlock Holmes in BBC’s Sherlock or see Cardiff’s beautiful bay as the centre of an Alien landing in a Dr. Who episode. If you visit Cardiff in May you could run into Benedict Cumberbatch and Walter Freeman (like I did during the end of my last school term). Or, if you come in June, you could find it snowing through the heat for a Dr. Who filming. Although I have not been there myself, I’ve heard the Dr. Who Experience in Cardiff Bay is a real treat for Dr. Who Fans.

If you are still not convinced about coming to visit me, maybe I should go on about the nature, and the trains, and the endless supply of local coffee shops and delicious eats… Let me just say, Wales has the wonders of the UK without the crowds. It may be one of the most underlooked tourist destinations in Europe, so why not get here before the crowds do? 

Okay, if you don't want to hop on a plane and fly straight to Wales after reading this post, there's probably something wrong with you. Susanna, your life sounds awesome!! Thanks for sharing with us!

love to all (and hopefully I'll be back soon!)


  1. This was a fun post! And Hay-on-Wye sounds amazing. If only traveling was as easy as it sounds...

  2. Susanna! Ah, books and food and Doctor Who? Sounds like the place for me. I've driven through Wales, but I didn't get the chance to actually go out and explore the beautiful country. I'd love to someday. Great post!

    Olivia - hey girl!! :) Hope you're having a lovely summer. I've been reading your latest blog posts! Lovely as usual <3 I was wondering, do you have an Instagram or Snapchat (or some other social media) that I can use to keep in touch with you while I'm at college and can't blog? I miss you when I'm not in the bloggy world!


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