Wednesday, August 12, 2015

things that make me happy // 438-454

438. the way the light of our old summer sun filters through the blinds and floods our downstairs wall as the sun sets
439. going for a run to Tim Horton's with one of the other guards because it was thunderstorming and I was craving peppermint tea
440. we jogged down the path, sneakers squishing in sync
441. and made our way under the bridge and up the hill, breathing hard
442. on the way back, we stopped underneath and watched the rain drumming down all around us; a veil that fell seamlessly toward the riverbed at our feet
443. the way I felt so small and safe, wanting to reach out a hand and pull back the raindrop curtain to see if the world looked any different on the other side
444. a doe that was startled into silence by our approach for a split second before turning her head and trotting daintily away
445. the fact that this whole adventure was approved by my manager, who said I had way too much energy for a rainy day and I think just wanted to get me out of the building

446. going out for coffee with one of my school friends
447. tan lines and golden streaks in my hair
448. cupcakes with peanut butter in the middle
449. looking at a pile of finished paperwork and feeling very satisfied deep inside 
450. yoga pants and comfy couches after a long day at work
451. singing with my siblings 
452. oversized guard sweaters that hang past my fingertips
453. pizza buns for lunch
454. giving birthday presents

what is making you happy this month? do tell!



  1. This post is full of all kinds of fabulous!
    Things that make me happy this month:
    The new air conditioning in my room (At last!)
    Getting a new job(!)
    Random excursions downtown by myself when I buy myself icecream and a secondhand book or two.
    Watching Sherlock for the first time during a rain storm.

    These posts are so fun and inspiring. They really make you sit back and think about all the lovely little things in life. (-:

    1. I love your list!! Air conditioning is definitely something to be happy about ~ it is SO HOT today but because of our AC we're blissfully cool in the house...
      Random excursions are fun, too! I always feel like such an adult because I'm out by myself and paying for things with MY OWN MONEY (??) haha. And SHERLOCK. I don't even have words. I miss that show. <3

  2. These things sound great. :) Yay for running in the rain. And I love my oversize sweater and having blonde in my hair too!

    Reading poetry
    Nighttime photographs
    Stargazing (August 12-14 is a big annual meteor shower)
    Running through sprinklers with my younger siblings
    Taking goofy selfies on my sister's phone
    Driving myself places (!!!)
    Writing snail mail letters
    Yogurt parfaits
    Lemonade and vanilla ice cream floats
    Flip flops
    Snuggling with my kitties
    Pink and green nail polish
    And trying out new music

    are making me happy this month.

    1. That is a fantastic collection of happy things!! I haven't stargazed in forever - I should definitely make some time to do that before the summer is over. :) Also, congrats on driving!! isn't it fun? I absolutely love grabbing the keys and heading out on a little adventure. I feel like I own the world. :)


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