Sunday, August 16, 2015

capital-R romantic

Romantic: imaginative, visionary, idealistic. concerned more with feeling and emotion than aesthetic qualities/form; preferring grandeur or picturesqueness to finish and proportion.

romantic: inclined towards or suggestive of romance in love.

I am a capital-R Romantic. This doesn't mean I like red roses or candles on the table; it means I still believe in happy endings. It means that I don't care how pretty something is, if it doesn't evoke emotion deep within my soul. It means I've got my head in the clouds, dreaming of ballrooms and dances, and a world where everyone finds their Mr. Darcy. 
I'm a Romantic, and don't demean me by reducing me to a Romeo and Juliet cliche. I'm not 14 and I don't need to be in love to believe in love. I just do.

Thoughts from a conversation I had a few months ago!! Are you a capital-R romantic, too? or a more romantic soul who loves red roses and candles on the table? Do tell!

*definitions from Oxford dictionary


  1. I am certainly a Romantic. My friends often make fun of me for deeming things to be oh so Romantic, because they always equate Romantic with romantic. I'm glad someone has set the differences straight.

    1. I had such a hard time explaining it to people that I finally decided to sit down and right out a conclusive definition. :p I am kind of both...there's a little of the romantic in me as well. ..but I was tired of people assuming I meant the one type when I was really speaking of the other.

  2. Oh, I'm definitely a capital-R Romantic! It's rather unfortunate that this word has double meaning, because I can't just go around saying "I'm a romantic" when most people will think roses and candles...

    1. EXACTLY!! sooo glad you understand the struggle, Serena!

  3. "It means I've got my head in the clouds, dreaming of ballrooms and dances, and a world where everyone finds their Mr. Darcy." < AUHHGGFGHDHJSKNNHHHH. Wut even. This is something I've only vaguely thought of -- the difference between "romantic" and "Romantic." THANK YOU for bringing it to light and writing this beautiful post. I, too, am a capital R romantic. ♥ And basically I can't even put into words how much I love this post.


  4. I have a lot of respect for the fact that your chosen analogous character for the gentleman in this post was Mr. Darcy, rather than the ubiquitous "Prince Charming" stereotype.


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