Tuesday, June 9, 2015

things that make me happy // 396-413

396. train rides
397. thunderstorms in the middle of the night
398. the sound of rain on my window
399. when my puppy decides to sleep on the end of my bed
400. buying new clothes ON SALE
401. sales in general
402. driving home from work with the music cranked as loud as it will go
403. driving in general (esp. with the windows down!! or on country roads!!)
404. writing poetry
405. going to summer pool training and actually knowing half the guards there
406. when my coworkers order pizza and share with everybody on break
407. coming home from school
408. only having SIX MORE DAYS left of school before exams
409. actually getting homework done and knowing that these are my last-ever high school assignments
410. visiting friends
411. getting a new phone! (the screen on mine was cracked)
412. pulling your hair out of a braid and getting curls
413. the sound my laptop keys make when I type

How has your June been so far? What makes you happy lately?


I KNOW I didn't talk about why I didn't go to prom and I know I promised I would, plus I didn't even mention getting stuck in the roof of a car. BASICALLY, I'm a terrible blogger. But, to my credit, I'm still waiting on pictures. I have pictures to show you as soon as they arrive!

(I left you this shot of us dancing through the sun roof of the car... before we realized we were stuck in the sun roof of the car. Hopefully that helps. Did it help?)


  1. I love your Things That Make me Happy posts... just saying. :)

    And don't sweat it, we all get delayed in posting, or find different things to post about. You are a fantastic blogger!

    1. Yayyy I'm so glad you like them!!! I love putting them together. :D and thanks for your kind words...you're sweet. :)

  2. Happy that your happy. That photo is like the definition of summer good times or something : )

    1. Oh Susanna it was SO much fun!! I had a wonderful time. :)

  3. driving around with the music up! The BEST kinds of summer drives. And I love that picture x) You're sooo not a terrible blogger, but I am excited (and intrigued) for the post about prom/lack thereof.

    1. I love cranking the music and singing along...wind in your hair....my favorite thing. :D
      Prom post coming soon, I promise!! Haha.

  4. I love that "thunderstorms in the middle of the night" is something that makes you happy XD That would make me happy, too!

    And now I really, really want some pizza. :(

    1. I *adore* thunderstorms at night...listening to the pounding rain and watching the lightening through my blinds...all comfy in bed...gah. So fun. :)


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