Thursday, June 18, 2015



I didn't want to go, so I didn't.

The end.

(just kidding, it's not actually the end. That would be lame.)


Instead, I got on a train and went to visit a few of my best friends (although perhaps not as spontaneously as that sentence seems to suggest!!)

We got our hair done, matching curls for the three of us, and then we dressed up and went out to dinner. We pounded the music as we raced down the country roads and into town, where we made friends with the waiter and knocked like two sets of cutlery onto the floor. Because we pretend to be adults but at the end of the day, it's hard to slide into a booth and still look like a lady. (and it paid off, because at the end of our meal he brought us a whole handful of candy with our bill. Do you think adults get handfuls of candy? No. Only extremely cool people*. Who knock cutlery onto the floor. Twice.)

*this is not to say that adults cannot be extremely cool people. I think my logic got a little screwed up somewhere.

When we finished eating, we took the scenic route home, and somebody thought it would be a cool idea to take a picture of us standing in the opened sunroof. And it was a cool idea, even though it was a bit of a squish to fit all of us, and even though the woods were extremely buggy, and even though we were all standing balanced precariously on the car seats. It started not to be such a cool idea when we decided that we'd had enough pictures (and bug bites), and would really prefer to be inside the car again. Like, immediately.

This was when I tried to wriggle nimbly down and back to my seat, and....

...nothing happened.

"I think I'm stuck," I announced, trying to get myself enough room to get my shoulders inside the car. The other two obligingly leaned forward, trying to give me a few extra inches of space, but when I started to slide in the right dress did not. I was showing a rather precarious amount of leg by this time, although thankfully the road was totally abandoned.
"Nobody look at me," I gasped, yanking myself out of the sunroof and twisting my dress back into position as I collapsed onto the backseat, where I heard an ominous crack.

You know those Styrofoam containers that they give you at restaurants when you can't quite finish all of your food? We had three of them in the backseat. Filled with red saucey pasta. And I'd just planted myself right on top of them.

As the other two were still extracting themselves from the sunroof, I was frantically examining my dress for any fatal smears. Somehow, I escaped without a mark, although my little white container looked a little worse for the wear. 

before we realized we were stuck

We spent the rest of the night inside (Kenz's boyfriend taught us how to play beer pong -- but with water, guys, don't freak out) playing games and laughing until we couldn't breathe anymore.

So, at the end of it all, do I regret not going to my school's prom?

Not in the slightest.


p.s. one of my friends bought me SHERLOCK THEMED TEA for my graduation present!! I die. more on this coming soon. 
p.p.s. photo creds to the incredible Samantha and Delaney. ♥♥ 


  1. Haha! This made me smile (especially knocking the cutlery on the floor, because that is totally something I would do). I'm glad you had a good and adventurous time! :)

    1. Adventure is a great word to describe it!! :) glad you can relate, haha. (And glad I'm not the only chtlery-knocking person out there!) Thanks for commenting, Jessica!

  2. This sounds like it totally beat going to prom! Adventures like this are pretty much the best (ever) and the way you wrote about it was perfect, hilarious and engaging! + You three look beautiful! Love the curls! It sounds like you had a seriously unforgettable time. ^_^ Also, train rides! The best.

    1. Kate, I had such a good time! No regrets. :) it was one of the best weeks this so good. Thanks for your lovely comment! ♡

  3. Awww that sounds awesome! Way better than prom.
    I didn't want to go to prom either, but then one of my close friends was trying to get a group of people to go to this fancy shmancy homeschool prom. It was kind of a big, they had line dancing (like from Pride and Prejudice) and a fancy meal that we had to eat using three different sets of forks and spoons (I also dropped most of my cutlery on the floor ;). It was overwhelming, and I decided that I was not meant to be a socialite. I also, of course, went to our local homeschool prom, which was much more enjoyable since it was more laid back, and I knew everyone... but yeah.
    I'm pretty promed out for the rest of my life. I'll probably ditch it next year, and instead get dressed up and go see a movie or something.

    1. See, that kind of prom sounds fun! People you know, relaxed, lots of fun and good food.... (and cutlery dropping, yesss! Not the only one!) Although I'm not going to lie, the ballroom dancing in your first prom does sound's a secret dream of mine to have one of those big dances Iike they do in P&P. Maybe at my wedding? :p

  4. Hey Olivia,

    I'm a newcomer to your blog -- I found you through Hannah's The Daisy Tree -- and I feel like I've found a new friend. ;-) Your writing flows so easily; it really has your voice. Keep it up!

    Hehe, sounds like you had quite the little adventure! Those fun, quirky outings with friends are the best. I'm homeschooled so I've never gone to any prom, but I'd MUCH rather go someplace with just a few friends. I'm a very introverted person; I can't do crowds. Like, I just can't. ;-P I'm glad it was such a special night for you.

    Oh my goodness, stuck in a car roof...sounds just like something I would do. Once a bunch of my cousins were playing dress-up at our grandparent's house, and my sister and I decided to try and both fit in a big blue sleeper they had (sort of a two-headed monster thing). Well, we both fit, but then the zipper broke, and we were stuck. It was TERRIBLE. To this day, my cousin still haunts us with that blue sleeper story. ;-)


    1. Emma, reading this comment made me SO HAPPY. :D let's be friends for sure! I would love that.

      I was home schooled all my life until grade 11 (a big part of the reason that I didn't want to go - I just didn't have deep relationships with anyone at my school) so prom didn't even feel like that big of a deal, you know? I think it's different if you were public schooled the whole time.

      Hahaha your blue sleeping bag story made me smile!! Definitely one of those moments where you act first and think later --but it makes for a good story after!

      Thanks so much for commenting! :D

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  6. Dear Olivia,

    Oh my goodness. So I've been waiting to read this post for so long! I actually set out to find it and read it one day and then... my computer crashed. *bursts into tears like a four year old* but alas, I'm okay. And I'm back to read of your brilliant adventures! *deep breath* Okay. First off, this sounds amazing: "We pounded the music as we raced down the country roads and into town, where we made friends with the waiter and knocked like two sets of cutlery onto the floor." SO MUCH YES. It feels like something I would write about in a story. Also y'alls hair is amazing, yo. O_O AHAHAA, oh my goodness. You had me laughing so hard at this post, girl. That was priceless. But it sounds like you all had a fantastic, memorable time!! And the photos are so precious. <3 "So, at the end of it all, do I regret not going to my school's prom? Not in the slightest." < YOU ARE AWESOME. the end. (;


  7. Hullo,
    Like Emma I found your blog through Hannah's and it is quite lovely! :D


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