Tuesday, February 24, 2015

six fool-proof ways to be happy in February, vol. II

Well, it is the middle of winter. And I don't know how everyone else is faring...but here in Canada, it is cold. Bone-chillingly, numbingly, freezing frigid cold cold cold. (I think we're setting records. Like, go us. Whoop.)

Anywayyyyys, cold is bad and bad is sad and I am just not enthused about my life in general at the moment. Which is upsetting, because I like being enthused about my life. A few years ago, in March, I wrote a little post on how to banish March melancholy, and I thought I'd sort of do a part 2, to perk myself up and hopefully give you lovely people some new ideas, too.

1. blast the music!!
I like to barricade myself in my room and turn my music up as loud as I can...then I'll either do some writing or just sit on the floor and sing along. It's impossible to stay in a bad mood when you're belting out the lyrics to this song.

2. make lists and small goals to make you feel important and useful.
Usually I have homework to do, so I'm pretty busy, but if I ever find myself with some time off, I tend to wander around aimlessly and get nothing done at all. Your lists don't have to be super long or all full of chores - even organizing the fun things, like blogging or making tea can make you feel like you're getting tons done.

3. drink some tea.
The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle complete with illustrations from Sherlock.
Sherlock approves.

4. colour a picture inside the lines. (or outside, if you're feeling really rebellious).
Maybe it's just me (it's probably just me,) but I find colouring pictures really soothing. I'll put some music on or something and just sit there with all the markers and be happy. (I always get really impressed with my coordination, because when I was little I didn't have the patience to colour inside the lines and now all my pictures look so pretty in comparison.)

5. bake something!
I personally love lemon squares (they're so yellow! and yummy!), but these lemon cookies are fantastic, too. I also adore mug cake, and this eggless cookie dough looks delish.

6. watch a movie. or Sherlock. Mostly Sherlock.

Emma and Hook - 4 * 1 Best line ever! I love how he has no idea what he's doing but he's doing it anyway because CAPTAIN SWAN!!!!!!!!
Once Upon A Time is a good option, too.

So, have the winter blues hit you yet? How do you stay happy when it's so cold outside? Let's chat.



  1. YESYESYES. This post is perfection.

    I'm with you, blasting music (especially from musicals!) is very happy-making. I often lip-sync Les Mis songs and act them out and make miserable facial expressions. #fun

    I am so going to use these tips in my life. So thank you, OIivia! :D

    1. Yay I'm so glad you like it!! And girl I sing Les Mis songs too, and fake-cry and everything. Sometimes I make my sibs sing with me, but sometimes I sing all 600 parts by myself. #onedaymore

  2. Thanks! This post came just in time, since where I live is just starting to feel the doldrums of winter slush. I combat it by trying to stay busy, drinking plenty of hot tea, and turning Andrea Bocelli on full blast.

    1. Ooooo, your ideas sound perfect-with-a-capital-P. And btw, "doldrums of winter slush" is the most accurate way to describe this time of year...yucky-ick.

  3. #7 take a vacation to Florida, like I'm doing this very second. haha great list, girly. I shall definitely use it when I'm back in the land of ice and below-zero weather ;)
    P.S. Lemon squares and tea are my favorite things ever!

    1. Hannah I am so jealous!! Have fun in Florida!! :o


    I'm dreaming of spring, but this helped so much. :)

  5. THANK YOU I LOVE IT TOO. And I'm glad it helped! Spring is coming, (I hope!!)

  6. Yesss!! February is my least favorite month because it seems like the drudgery will never end, and I'm stressing out over a Fine Arts Competition... (I do live in Phoenix though, where it was 80 all last week :D )
    Blasting music helps soooo much!!!
    And so does making lists. It makes you seem like you're productive even when you're not :D
    Awesome list!
    (I'm dreaming of snow BTW)

    1. I totally agree, Ashley! Ew ew ew, amirite? And you lucky girl, living in such warm weather!! Although I'm with you, there is definitely a place for snow. I like it in December. (only December. (murderous glare at piles of snow outside.)

  7. Fantastic blog and post! I love it! Please check out mine

  8. Hi thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm so glad you liked the tips.




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