Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sunday night

we played
basketball on the street
concrete firm
beneath my feet
and the ball felt warm
in my hands.
I shot a perfect
twice in a row, and
Hannah's skirt swirled,
summer approaching.

we walked
to the park
tripping over the curb and
each other. I ran into
Aaron's back twice-
I do that a lot.
and the laughter tasted sweet
in my mouth,
hair in my eyes

we perched
up high in the climbers
and burned our hands coming down,
feet dragging the ground because
we've outgrown the children within us,
only not really.
the dirt scuffed up
and basketballs skidded
across the ground
echoes against the
yellow brick wall- in
perfect harmony.

and when hunger panged deep inside
we came back
piled and cwtched into
the living room couch,
trees outside reaching
to the clouds,
slowly blending
with sky until the shadows faded.
and the warm light from
the lamps filled me
like a twinkling star.

we talked, and the
taste of home was
all around and inside
me, filled up-
and I didn't want to leave.


time with friends outside of the greatest.

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