Wednesday, March 26, 2014

tell me a story

you might say....tell me a story
and then I'd smile.

what kind of story?

and you'd stop and think,
that wrinkle forming between your eyebrows, the way it does
when you're considering something.
tell me about your life,
you'd say, after some time.

my life.
happy or sad?

true, you say. tell me a real one.
tell me about March.

has been a conglomeration
of feelings
and pictures and

laughter caught like a tickle
in my throat
and tears
I couldn't swallow back
wet pillow clutched
in two soggy fists
I just don't know
words that have already become my 2014 anthem
but also, with a smile
oh, my life.
has been gray
outside and in
but sometimes golden fingers
poke through the clouds,
and smiles find their way,
laughing until I forgot
what it felt like to have a
knot in my chest,
hot coffee
almost an hour that flew by
in seconds
I hid
for a while, because that was
school is drama
and other people's problems
and it's hard to handle.
it's so hard
when you can't see
the sun.
five months ago,
I cried
and told God
"this is too hard"
"whatever you're doing, I need you to
stop, now"
"it isn't worth it"
but it was.
and maybe this will be worth it,
march has been a mixture
old stories and
because didn't we do this
last year?
I closed my eyes
and thought
spring would never come
but it did.
and it will.


  1. God always has plans for us, everything that happens is in accordance with his will, the good and the bad.

    1. Thanks, Clare. :) Sometimes I need to remember that.

  2. It sounds like you've been having a difficult month. I hope everything is okay, Olivia!

    This post, as always, was written just beautifully. There's so much emotion behind the words.

    1. Hannnnnahhhhh. ;) Yeah, March has been a bit not-completely-wonderful, but sometimes that's okay. Things are looking up and I had a milkshake at lunch today, so I'm feeling better. Thanks for commenting! I miss talking to you.


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