Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Break [2014]

before you begin,

It had been ten months since we'd seen each other. which is, you know, kind of a long time.
That's why I was nervous - just a little - sitting with my suitcase in the train station, eyes on the door, waiting. I'd texted her, I knew she was coming any minute, and I was equal parts thrilled and terrified as I pretended my red sweater was a blanket of confidence, wondering would be different than last time. Not as good, not as easy. Maybe.
I should never have worried. The week flew by but lasted forever, snow and sunshine intermingled pleasantly, us never bored for a moment. We packed our time full with fort-building and fan-girling, snowshoeing and Sherlock (no spoilers!! because like always, I jumped on the bandwagon late and haven't seen season 3 yet), journaling and Jujitsu and bruises and sore muscles and...
I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard, so long, so much, or smiled so big, so constantly.

Kenzie made a fire (because she's basically superwoman) and we roasted our lunch one day, hot dogs and s'mores, dropping chocolate in the snow but eating it anyway...
And I cut down four trees using a little hand saw (don't worry, they were dead already) to make logs for the fire, and for our little log cabin. They weren't very big logs, but they were logs! Okay.
Between snowball fights and Sherlock marathons (I might have to do, like, six posts on the complete amazingness of that show and BBC in general. Just because) we sank down into sleep and emerged again, hours turning into days so slowly, but faster than you could blink, all at the same time.
And I just incredibly blessed, to have this week, to know those people, that I can't even express it in words. To have a break from life, and just be real, just relax and not have to worry about public-school drama and nonsense, to just have FUN...(why does it feel like it's been ages since I had FUN?) it's been so good.

On one of our last days, we went shopping, because that seems to be what teenage girls do...and we found this enormous stack of Divergent books (by Veronica Roth.) We're huuuuuge fans...and we were so disappointed when we found out that the movie releases only five days after I took the train back home.
Oh, well. We translated this song into ASL and filmed it, instead, so I can't say I'm too upset.


what did you do this week?


  1. *gasp* YOU'VE GOTTEN INTO BBC SHERLOCK? *excited squeal* I LOVE BBC Sherlock! And I love the Divergent trilogy! Plus your week sounds like it was an absolute blast. :)

    1. YES Sherlock the FEELZ can we just.....


      Final episode tonight!! Pretty sure I'm never going to remove. :p

  2. His Last Vow? I LOVE that one. But it makes me sad. :( Have a good time watching it!


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