Friday, February 7, 2014

weekend memories

from my swimming instructor course last weekend and the weekend before

+the lunch-hour-long game of tag played up and down the hallway, in the stairwell and around the snowy parking lot and across the empty pool deck, jeans rolled up and laughter bubbling deep inside, because really, how ridiculous. a group of lifeguards chasing each other in circles just because, the pool staff laughing from safe inside their glass room (seriously, though, the BEST thing ever)

+practicing First Aid situations...the look on his face when one of the guys in our class got the sit. he'd been begging for all weekend

+drowning while performing spinal rolls in the deep end of the pool, because some people just don't float and it makes life a lot harder

+at lunch, one of the girls just giving up and taking a nap right there on the floor. during our game of tag, us jumping right over her

+one of my classmates accidentally bringing vanilla Greek yogurt instead of plain for lunch...oh the HORROR, apparently. I wouldn't know, never having consumed any kind of Greek yogurt myself

+practicing what to do if your choking victim goes unconscious suddenly, and the guy you're working with going completely limp and knocking you both over. whoops.

+homemade cupcakes that were actually fantastic (best thing ever when one of your classmates is a baker)

+playing hangman on the whiteboard while the teacher was out of the room

+"GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY" being the reaction to you suddenly fake-passing out. legit. like, who says that?

+being a fake class of young pre-lifeguards so your classmates can practice teaching, and totally being that obnoxious know-it-all kid just 'cuz you can

+dying while performing the fitness challenge beep test, because you may be a good guard but you don't have a lot of stamina

Pool people are the best people...for real. I always come down off a class like this feeling as though I've lost a best friend...or four, in this case. We spent almost 50 hours together, and it's so different from school, because we all CHOSE to. And wanted to be there, and we just had a BLAST.

now I'm kind of depressed, to be honest. but that's okay, I'll get over it. maybe I'll end up working with them (this summer?? *fingers crossed*)

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