Monday, January 27, 2014

those moments

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who woke up this morning and was devastated to hear that exams had been postponed to Tuesday, due to the weather. It's just...sigh. I got all psyched to get to school and spend two hours writing for my Lit. Studies exam, and then all of a sudden it was like "woah, there, hold the creative inspiration for another 24 hours, sorry." Which I'm not so good at doing.

Oh well.

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel so totally alive and fulfilled and happy that you almost don't know what to do with yourself? When you take a mental step back, look yourself up and down, and wonder almost laughingly "who the heck is THIS person?"
I had a couple lot of those moments this weekend. Folks, I love people. I really do.

(something I do not love is when said people ask me to draw myself a creative nametag filled with everything that I love, and I'm like, "uh, I can do stick people? and...words? I know how to do words?") Which is what happened when I walked into my WSI class (we're learning to become swimming teachers!) on Friday night.

I spent 25 hours at the pool this weekend. Not all in the water, although I got a chlorine rash anyway, but up in the meeting room with my four classmates, taking notes and making posters (more drawing, hurrah!) and pretending to teach preschool classes full of problematic children.

It's actually kind of completely ridiculous how much fun I had. I just....meeting people is my favourite thing. Honestly. And we girls were down in the change rooms, getting ready to head into the water to practice-teach (can I just say it is completely awkward to sit there in front of four of your peers and pretend they're five years old?
Like, "okay, Sam, jump into the water! I'm going to sing for you, okay? You can be a spotted frog!"
-Sam does a very realistic impression of a five year old child jumping into the pool-
"YAY that was WONDERFUL now let me 'help' you over to the ladder so you can climb ou- MATT, stop blowing bubbles.")
But ahem. Back to my story. The four of us girls were packing our stuff away in the lockers, and there were a few moments where I almost didn't recognize myself. And don't get the wrong idea...I'm always a very happy person, and everything, but this was different. I was so content, and confident, and so happy...I felt so right, so at home, so ME there with these people that I'd only known for two days...I never wanted to leave.

It kind of puzzles me how much I felt like the person I've always wanted to be.... THERE, of all places, among almost-strangers, of all people. And I don't really get it, but it was cool and I want to do it again. Next weekend. ♥

lately I've been...
...listening to this wonderful song
...eagerly anticipating the arrival of my Christmas present
...spending perhaps too much time on Pinterest

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