Friday, October 4, 2013

things that make me happy // 100-118

100. big old knobby trees
101. climbing said big old knobby trees (scraped knees and all)
102. the cookies they sell at the school caf
103. serving food at our church picnic
104. tea in the mornings
105. crunching through the leaves in the gutter on my walk home
106. my bus driver joking about the bus being my limo (I was the only one who got on at the mall)
107. the crisp pages of a new journal
108. homemade hamburgers

photo credit to Brooke
109. playing this song in band
110. long phone conversations with friends
111. being understood
112. the way numbers click into place when you work them right
113. being accused of "talking smart"
115. reading out loud to the grade 3 kids at my co-op placement
116. the writing prompts Mr. G gives us at the beginning of class
117. blogging again (sorry I've been so absent lately)
118. watching movies in English class

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