Saturday, September 7, 2013

this week

I've started this post three times already, but I can't seem to...go anywhere with my thoughts right now. So I gave up and I'm just going to write a list instead. I love lists.

this week
+crowded hallways and noise
+ducking in between the streams and rivers of people, all heading in different directions
+getting up in the morning and having somewhere to go
+wearing something besides pj's
+English. I have basically the most awesome English teacher in the history of ever
+homework. it was fun for the first ten minutes. and especially when I got to school the next day and realized that I did more than I had to. which, you know, is always fun.
+having 18 minutes to get up, get dressed, eat, and get out the door
+the day being half-over at 9:30am
+feeling the early-morning chill nip at my skin
+imagining the rest of the year and just...being so happy. people. all the time.
+the ratting drone that signals the approach of my bus
+freezing cold classrooms, muggy hallways. no happy medium.
+raised hands. I went to work on Friday and almost stuck my hand in the air to get the attention of one of the librarians. they laughed at me.
+people coming to visit me at my locker and just being like "hi, how was your day?"
+realizing that the bell is not a bell, but some sort of automated beep-thing. I felt like my life was a lie when I found out. it was sad.
+standing for the national anthem.

I need to...sleep. I want sleep. so. yes. that sounds good. I might go do that. later. tonight. hopefully my next post will have pictures. and I won't be so tired. that'd be nice.

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