Tuesday, August 6, 2013

what it's like to work at the library

ашел, Дарману не было нужды чувствовать вину за Этейн. Большинство людей были бы рады, заполучив что-то, чего нет у други

what it's like to work at the library

+not quiet, especially not this morning. we had several screaming children who had to be carried out by their parents
+a lot of bending over and crouching and kneeling to get at the bottom shelves
+incredibly loud book trolleys. like, seriously. they could not be any louder.
+the feel of newsprint on your fingers
+sneaking books back to the staff room to check out after my shift
+the clicking that the DVD magnet makes when it locks the cases
+muted rattling of the book basket wheels. now, why don't they make the giant carts like that?
+ice cold water from the fridge
+the children's DVD drawers that won't. stay. open.
+stacking books neatly and cleanly. straight. with no corners poking out in the middle. like, all 90 degree angles because it looks better that way.
+emptying the drop-off chutes again and again and again, because it means I can take a break from shelving
+singing the alphabet over and over in my head "does S come before or after T...Q-R-S-T, okay, before..."
+fixing books on the top shelf and almost having them all fall on my head
+laughing with co-workers
+forgetting the key to the outside chute and having to walk back to the front desk to retrieve it
+being stopped by people who ask "do you work here?" and being able to say "yes, what can I help you with?"
+begging my family to please put their books back on the shelves in alphabetical order so I don't have to come and do it later


  1. Hahahaha, I can relate to some of these things. Only, I was a volunteer. How about the moment you come to an area you have straightened before and find that some storm of chaos and no organization has transpired? (I_I). Also, when you have to wipe stuff off the children's books? *shudder*

    Great post, Olivia!

    1. YES. CHAOS. Especially in the children's section. *cringe* I avoid it like the plague...:P Board books are the worst. And don't even get me started on the toys...I've been lucky, I've never had to wipe anything off (EWWWW) but I can only imagine.

      It's neat to find someone else who knows what it's like...thanks for commenting!

    2. Yes, EWWWW! It's not pleasant, lol. I don't much care for the children's section either. The shelves are so short and you have to bend a lot just to put the books in order.

      You're welcome! It was neat reading about stuff I have done and seeing I am not the only one. :-)


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