Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day weekend 2013

Because Cody shares a birthday with Canada (after he was born, my parents watched the fireworks from the window at the hospital) the weekend is always a crazy jumble of wrapping paper, car rides, family, the beach, and delicious food. We usually spend a couple of days with each side of the family (celebrating the birthday and the holiday twice...which means double the cake, yippee!) and crazy becomes normal.

Oh, just kidding. It was already.


Cody got a ripstik for his birthday (another yippee. Not selfish at all, on my part, of course. Also, when Dad asked me whether or not it would be a good gift, the advice I gave him wasn't at all based on the fact that I learned to ride one in November and loved it to bits.)
Anyways, Cody let me ride it (after I did a little bit of begging bribing polite asking.) Later on, he and Hannah even helped my (much younger) cousin have a ride. You should have seen his face...Hannah had his arms, Cody guided the ripstik, and Jobe crowed with delight and pointed towards the far curb (onward!)


We used the afternoon to have a large jumbled game of soccer at the park, with flip-flops and borrowed sneakers and even a pair of cleats (which might have made a flip-flop wearer bleed. I DIDN'T DO IT, I promise. I was the one wearing borrowed sneakers.)

And at the end of the day we picnicked on the grass - the mature quiet boring adults sat up on the deck - and ate Canadian ice cream (just so there's no confusion, we don't normally SLICE our ice cream...but if you dig it out with a spoon, it ruins the maple leaf. We tried to scoop it a few years ago...which was a complete and utter failure. We've learned since then.)

Because I had to work at 9 this morning, we skipped the fireworks...but they were exploding over our house when we got home!

(please excuse the large amount of parenthesis in this post. Yes, I realize the irony.)



  1. *gasp* I love your blurred photos. They're so pretty! How do you do that?

    1. Sometimes it's luck - the camera sometimes focuses on the sun, throwing everything else into the blurred background. Sometimes (I have a point and shoot, so if you have a DSLR there's probably a more pro way to do this) I just point the camera at what I want to blur, stick my hand in front of the lens and let the camera focus on my hand, remove my hand, and take the picture. :)Does that make sense?

  2. Yep, that makes sense. I do have a DSLR but I'm still learning the technical side of photography. I'll have to see if my manual has anything about intentionally blurred shots.

  3. I tried your method and it worked! :) I posted it as Day 189.


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