Tuesday, July 30, 2013

blanket forts and painted pictures

Cody and Avery (my younger brother and my neighbour-who-is-basically-my-adopted-little-sister)decided to build a fort yesterday. They kicked me off the couch and took every last cushion (and a couple of the dining room chairs, too) and busied themselves in the living room for, I dunno...maybe twenty minutes, building.
When Mom and I were called to survey their creation, they shot at us with Nerf guns (which is why I only have three pictures. I took a bullet to the eye when I tried to get a few shots of the inside. It actually hurt quite a lot.)

And then, somehow, I got roped into having a battle with them, ducking around the corners and trying to aim between the cushions. (they let me inside after a while, but guys, it's sad. I'm way too big for forts now. My head served as the main pillar, because I was taller than the chairs they were using to prop the roof up.)

And then later, they painted. I joined in, because although I don't have much any artistic skill, I love paintbrushes. I love the soft bristles, the way they swoop across the paper, how the paint gradually runs out until you're only leaving a faint, feathery trail...
I never have any idea what to paint, so I usually just do shapes, swirling and pretending to be some fantastic artist who whips their brush across the canvas and creates a masterpiece.

How do you spend your summer afternoons?


  1. To me, that sounds likes perfect day.
    And we'll make te biggest, baddest, most awesome fort ever at some point(my house), and watch a movie while eating popcorn. :D


    1. Can we actually? Let's do it. :P

    2. WE SHALL. Maybe even in Kincardine, too. :D


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