Monday, July 22, 2013

an official update

Summer is whipping by, guys. I'm having trouble keeping season is almost done, and July's more than half-way over. Pretty soon school will be starting again, which for me means braving the


for the first time. *cue dramatic music* I can't remember whether or not I've mentioned this before, but I'm venturing off to public HS for grades 11 and 12, which is simultaneously terrifying and thrilling. I'll let you know how it goes.

photo taken by Matt

But we can talk about that later, because right now it's summer and even though I'm excited for school (and the people. people everyday! and the bus. I like busses), I like my endless hours of free time way more. Here's how my summer goals have been going so far:

Out of the seven books on my reading list this summer, I've finished three and am working on a fourth. (I have been reading tons of other books in my spare time, don't get me wrong. Yesterday alone I finished three - but I'm only halfway through the seven books I specifically wanted to read.) I think I'm doing okay, but I definitely need to pick up the pace if I want to have all 7 finished by September.

Originally, I had like five mini-writing goals, because I had no specific story that I was working on. I basically abandoned all of my mini-goals when I finally found a story to write, and now my only goal is to write 5000 words a week in this story. If I don't make it, my writing buddy (remember Keira?) will give me a writing prompt as punishment, from which I have to write a short story. I do the same for her, and we exchange our punishment drabbles on Sunday. This is my first week to make my goal (yaaaay!) but overall I'm really pleased with the way things are going.

Take Pictures
I'm still only giving myself a "meh" on this one. I have been using my camera, but not super-extensively.

Spend Time Outside
I'm actually writing this while sitting at the table in my backyard, so I'd say I'm doing fairly well. It's been really hot here, so everyone's been hiding out inside, but it's cooler now and I'm getting back on track with this one.

Pass My NLS and WSI Courses
I did pass my NLS class last month, but now that I'm working at the library, my schedule doesn't leave any time to take WSI this summer. So I'm finished with this goal! I'm going to call it complete, because I passed NLS and my inability to take the WSI course was out of my control.

Are you keeping up with your summer goals?

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  1. Sweet, wish I could write outside. I don't have a laptop. And whoever Matt is, I like the photo. Nice job. :D

    I didn't really have any summer goals. Just editing my novel I guess. I'm not planning on finishing it until next year though. I'm keeping up pretty well on a my picture-a-day challenge though. :)


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