Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a shopping trip

So, I went shopping with my friends last week. We went to Chapters and through numerous clothing stores at the mall (I'm trying to find a summer dress...finding something that's modest and cheap AND actually fits me is waaay harder than I'd like...) and anyways, when we were done, Mrs. H and Mrs. U came to pick us up. They spent a few minutes chatting near the mall entryway and then turned to see what we'd picked up.

Tiana pulled a dress out of her bag, and so did Brooke, and then when they looked at me I held out my Chapters bag and pulled out "642 Things To Write About."

"Ah," said Mrs. H, laughing, "of course Olivia came back with a book." (Mrs. U nodded in agreement.)

"But," I said excitedly, flipping through it, "it's not just any book! This one's filled with writing prompts!"

There was a bit of an awkward silence as I could see all four of them trying to figure out why on earth anyone would want to spend their free time writing...and then they just smiled, because they know me too well and OF COURSE I found a book on writing even though Chapters was the only bookstore we went into.

And I love it so much.
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 This book has six hundred and forty-two writing prompts, from "tell a story that begins with a ransom note" to "what can happen in a second" to "you are looking down through the skylight as chefs prepare dinner for your ex-fiancee's wedding." I'm really hoping that this will be what I need to inspire me and hopefully get a plot nailed down (because yes, I'm still talking about it, and no, I'm not any closer to finding one...)

But yeah. I had an awesome time shopping with my besties...and geez, this book is just amazing. ♥ I'm having so much fun with it already and I can't wait to drag it around places with me this summer...the possibilities are ENDLESS.

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