Sunday, March 24, 2013

six fool-proof ways to banish March melancholy

I thought I liked March. I mean, last year we had insanely warm temperatures during March Break and were running around at the beach in shorts and t-shirts. This year...snow. And sometimes rain. And one sunny day for every three days of gray skies. And so I've changed my mind and decided that March is by far my least favourite month of the year...because colourless days + schoolwork + not enough social interaction = Olivia turns into a grumpy depressed BEAR.

But, not to worry! Over the past week, I've been fighting to drag my mood up from a -0.2 to at least a +6, and I have finally succeeded. So, I present you with six solutions that are guaranteed to boost your mood from "doom and gloom" to "ILOVELIFE."

Solution number one... oatmeal! Seriously, this stuff is the best thing ever as a cold-morning breakfast...a late evening snack...anytime, really. Oatmeal is my major comfort food, and if you flavour it with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon, it tastes fantastic. If the thought of oatmeal really makes you gag, my other two favourites are tea and hot chocolate. To mix things up a little bit I sometimes heat milk and steep my tea in that instead of hot water - it makes for a creamy drink that doesn't need hardly any sugar (and as a little treat I sometimes put in a few drops of vanilla extract.) I do the same for my hot chocolate sometimes, or simply add some peppermint to change the taste ever-so-slightly.

notice my epic Winnie-the-Pooh spoon.

The second item on my mood-boosting list is "wear bright colours." Just because it's dull and grey outside doesn't mean I have to be, too! And often, (I don't know why!) people wear black or gray at this time of year. Which only adds to my depressing just makes me smile if somebody walks by in a bright red hoodie.

Number three is GO TALK TO PEOPLE. Being home with my textbooks all day makes me grouchy and longing for summer days outside...with nothing to do...on the occasions when I do get to see my friends (which is several times a week, but still not nearly enough) it makes me so ridiculously happy that I wish I could sneak them home with me to keep me company all the time. Of course, that's not possible...but with email, Skype, and the good old telephone they're really not far away.

Perhaps my least favourite solution is the ever-practical "get outside and exercise." Not only is it good for you, but exercising releases chemicals in your body called endorphins, which trigger "happy feelz" and can give you energy and improve your outlook on life. And of course exercising is good for you anyways...

Do what you love! Sew, draw, write, go for a walk, bake, play the piano. Take half an hour and just do something you really enjoy. DIY something, make a list and check all of the items off - it'll make you feel like you've accomplished something, which is very satisfying and a definite happy-maker.

Number six is optional and not for everyone, because I know a lot of people actually hate doing this and get stressed when they have to, but...go shopping. Run to the thrift store and browse all the clothes, buy something new, start a DIY project - the possibilities are endless! (I went to the thrift store this morning, hence my currently bouncy mood.)

Ta-da! Six sure-fire ways to bump your mood from "hating March" to "busy and happy and excited for summer."

You're welcome.

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