Thursday, March 28, 2013

[in which Olivia attempts a tutorial of sorts]

One of the things I did while I was away for March Break was a DIY. And I'm particularly proud of this one, because I didn't see it on Pinterest, or follow a tutorial - I did it all by myself! ☺

I saw this top at a thrift store and loved the detailing on the back...but the shirt didn't fit. I bought it anyways, brought it home, and set it aside so I could figure out what to do with it.


To make a long story short, I ended up deciding to take the lace-stuff off the back of this red shirt, and put it on the back of this gray sweater:

Grandma and I did it together (because I'm an inexperienced seamstress and had no idea how to do what I wanted to do.) We started by ripping the lace off the red shirt using a seam ripper (how'm I doing with the tutorial so far? Everybody following?) The lace was sewed to the shirt along the outline of the lace, and then in a V following the hemline of the shirt.
Once that was done, it was time to cut my sweater! I hacked a V into the back of it to match the red shirt (the V is hard to see on the original, but you can see it clearly here:)

Yes, I made a little mistake on the left side there. We fixed it when we did our hemming.

We started the sewing process by using the machine to hem the V in my sweater, so it didn't unravel over time. Then we pinned the lace down and began sewing around the edge (just like the original. We tried to stick as close to it as possible.) When that was done, we sewed the lace down to the hemline of the V as well. (I hope that makes I making rather a muddle of things?)
Anyways. This is what we got! I'm so pleased with it - it turned out exactly like I'd hoped. I know I've said it like a million times already, but I love thrift stores.
The end! Hopefully that all made sense. If not...I apologize. Follow the pattern/measurements of the original shirt (or whatever it is that you're DIYing) and you should be fine. As one of my best friends likes to say..."just wing it!" 
...spending too much time on YouTube!
...reading nothing. Shocking, I know.


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