Monday, January 7, 2013


There's something so hauntingly beautiful about a lonely winter beach, blanketed by snow. The summer tourists are gone; there are no footprints and towels and umbrellas crossing the sand, no screams of laughter floating through the air. Just the falling flakes and the icy wind, the rough water looking far from inviting.
Icy cold dignity...such a different beauty from the summertime.

I don't often go down to the beach in the winter, and I've never brought my camera along before. There's something so intruiging about watching snow fall on this summer-symbol, though...I think I'd like to go again before Spring arrives.

I intended to write a post yesterday (it being Epiphany, and all) but I was having issues with the picture-poster, so that didn't happen. It's all figured out now -- and I've discovered the art of emailing my posts right to my blog, so I'm pretty happy.

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