Monday, December 3, 2012

December descends

May I just say that this month is my favourite time of the year? When the snow descends like a woollen blanket and coloured lights twinkle from the rooftops and secrets hang in the air...when anticipation is tangible and we bring out the best music and the yummiest food...when we remember.

(email readers will have to follow the link to my blog
to watch the above video, since it won't show up
in your inbox)
As soon as I get the whole posting-pictures-bug figured out I'll post some shots of the wonderfulness (yes, I just made up a rather un-creative word. I suppose I should find a more descriptive synonym, but wonderfulness just has a nice sound to it) that's been happening at my house over the past few days. Until then...maybe I'll try my hand at a music review! (it'll give me an excuse to bombard you with tons more Christmas music...after all, I only have 22 days left!)


  1. Amazing... again. <3 That video is great. you are some talented girl. :)


    1. Oh, I didn't make the video. O.O I just found that on YouTube, I can't claim any credit for it.

      But it is a great video, isn't it? I thought it suited the song quite well.

    2. sorry i meant your blog not the video but it's great too. :) sorry. :)



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