Friday, November 30, 2012

November recap

I didn't take very many pictures this month, which is probably my biggest regret. Scrolling through the pictures in my November folder takes a depressingly short time...but I suppose it's just as well, since I can't post any pictures right now anyways. Picasa Web Albums (the site that my pictures are automatically stored to when I post them on my blog) is full and won't let me share any pictures.
So I'm looking for a solution...but in the meantime we'll have to do without.

At the beginning of the month, I decided to do something a little different and make an effort to spend some time each morning with God. I think I did fairly well - I did miss several days, but overall I'm happy with the way November went, and I think I'll keep setting my alarm for 7:30am.

Let's see...what else happened this month? Snow fell and melted, fog swallowed up the whole city like a blanket, and I rode horses and laughed and cried and did crafty things and learned lots.

About writing, people, in general. I think maybe I'll write a more extended post on this later, but something I learned last night is don't be so focused on what other people think that your own opinions don't matter anymore.

And on that note...on to December! (my favourite month of the year! Hopefully we can get this whole picture problem figured out soon, because I'm hoping to post lots next month.)


  1. Decembers my favorite month too...SO EXCITED. And that's really good advice, about being so focused on what other people think.

    You asked me what camera I use, I use a Panasonic Lumix. It's not *too* fancy or anything, but I really love it. :D

    1. :D I love the lights, the snow, the music...I just love it all.

      NOWAY. Me too! :D And yeah, they're pretty sweet cameras. Mine's an FZ35 -- what's yours?

  2. this november came and left, but i liked it still. i liked when we made our 1-1/2 foot tall snowman ( though it would have been way better if we had more snow!!). :) and i hope we have a lot more snow than that!!



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