Thursday, November 8, 2012

a Christmas craft // diy

(inspired by this post at Hannah's blog)

I always tell people I'm not into crafty things, and I'm not, really. Glue and sticky paper don't appeal to me (but double-sided tape is my new best friend. such a lifesaver!) This was fun, though. I grabbed all my supplies (aka thick paper, stamps that no one ever uses, Crayola markers, printable sheet music) and headed to the kitchen, where I turned on my Christmas playlist and snipped and pasted and stamped until I was happy with the results. 
Aren't they cute? I wish I'd been the one to think of them.  
right now I... dying to bombard you with Christmas music. I shall refrain for a few more weeks, don't worry.
...have just started reading this book. (YIKES, though, it's 1200+ pages!)
...feel elated, because last night I passed my Bronze Cross exam!


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  1. sweet!! looks like you had fun!!



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