Sunday, November 4, 2012

8 reasons October was special

I know it's not October anymore, but all in all it was a pretty sweet month and I want to blog about it. I mean, all the months are special in their own way, but I don't normally stop to think about the four weeks as a whole.

So I'm doing to do so right now. Here are my 8 reasons why October was a great month.

1. The trees were just beautiful last month. So many COLOURS.

2. I finally managed to snap some pictures of my beloved silver trees, and discovered that they're even cooler up close than they appear from afar.

3. Roses. They're beautiful; enough said.

4. Perusing the library of my life (aka my seven journals, documenting my life from 2005--present)

5. my dog (WARNING: picture dump ahead)

6. A random but cute chipmunk that decided to have a snack on the fence outside
my bedroom window

 7. The streamers that we strung across my bedroom for a friend's surprise party

 8. BBC's Robin Hood. There aren't really any good pictures on Google (and I'm afraid of accidentally stealing pictures) so I won't post any. Basically, it's a pretty awesome tv series that I bought on early in the month. Happy stuff.
Of course there were other wonderful things that happened during October...and there were a few not-wonderful things, too. But I don't have pictures to go along with everything and this post is long enough already, so I think I'll stick with these eight reasons.
How about you?
Lately, I...
...saw October Baby and loved it
...can't stop listening to this song
...watched the first snowflakes fall outside my window (!)


  1. so cute!! love the pics of doggie!!


  2. Wow, absolutely lovely photos.

    I love BBC shows, but haven't seen the Robin Hood series. I've heard of it and it sounds *really* cool. I was wondering, is it like, appropriate for the whole family?

    1. Thank you so much! :)

      As for Robin Hood -- I'd say, for the most part they're family-friendly. There's no gore at all (which I really appreciate) and although there is some romance, a few kisses here and there are as bad as it gets. (there are places where the characters make more mature (verbal) references, but they wouldn't be understood by children.) My 9yo brother has seen a few episodes (but there are some that I might not recommend.) I suggest watching a few episodes for yourself and then deciding. :)

  3. Your dog is so very cute.

  4. Olivia,
    This is so cute!
    I know, I love October too. (Despite it usually being associated with Halloween.)
    I am IN LOVE with your dog! Oh my sweet goodness! <3

    ---->> And by the way, journals are superb.


    1. Hi Kate, it's so nice to meet you! :)

      Toby's going to be a bit vain, I'm afraid...;) But I couldn't resist sharing those pictures.

      Aren't they fabulous? I don't know what I'd do without them.


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