Saturday, September 29, 2012

we. (pictureless)

We spoke in Southern accents all afternoon and night and the entire morning of the next day.

We laughed until our guts ached and blew through $20 worth of junk food and played board games and wrote official secret-keeping papers with coloured sharpie.

We piled blankets on the floor and slept four girls and a dog in one cramped mass, toes to head to toes to head.

We played tag on the playground just like we used to and screamed with terror when we were chased and I got elbowed in the eye and scraped my back but it didn't hurt too badly.

We crossed the stream on slippery rocks and bricks and Brooke and Hannah got their feet wet, but I held my Toms in my hand to keep them safe.

And I didn't take any pictures, because sometimes life is better experienced then captured.

Best sleepover ever. ♥



  1. Sorry about my elbow in your eye.....O.o
    I am in total agreement with you. :)

  2. Awww. That sounds like a priceless event! :)

  3. oh boy that would have been out of this world!! i can see you goofing off. :P somtimes.

    1. It totally was. @.@ And yeah, I got completely hyper and screamed too much and stuff. Yeah. Oops. :P

    2. ha ha. that would have still be super fun.



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