Monday, September 24, 2012

a Monday project

I did a craft this morning. And normally I don't like glue and scissors and sticky paper, but this was fun. It was a mini-project I was supposed to do for careers, but I enjoyed it so much that it didn't feel like school at all.


We were supposed to create a collage on our future - the kinds of people, places, pets, (etc) that we hope to have in our lives during the years to come. So I grabbed (or, more accurately, Mum grabbed for me) a bunch of old magazines, and I started flipping through the pages.
It was really quite simple, but when I'd finished it was more than a piece of paper with magazine cutouts glued all over it. It was the embodiment of a dream. My dream. And I thought it looked so beautiful that when I was finished, I dug up an old frame and stuck it inside.

And to be honest, it's kind of weird posting this on my blog. I know to a lot of people it looks like a bunch of magazine pictures stuck in a frame from Wal-Mart, but it's more than that. It's my dream, and it's a strange feeling to be putting it on the Internet for the world to see.
That's me, guys. (well, not really. But a good representation of what the inside of me looks like right now.)
Anyone else want to have a go? 


  1. That's awesome, Livs... you've inspired me to do something like that, if I can find the time. :)

    1. Via! :) I'm glad you liked it...lots of fun, and it didn't take me very long.

  2. Wow, nice piture! I should keep that in mind.

    1. :) You'd love it. We can do one together, if you like, the next time we see each other.

    2. oh that would be AWSOME!!!!


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